Sunday, July 23, 2006

25 hours...


I will accompany this stuff with photos, but that will be when i get home and sort out photoshop and windows. Right now, all my photos are living on a folder on JAn's laptop which he called, "Jason's Shitty Shitty Crappy Photos". Speaking of the grande bastard himself this is the first time i can wedge his laptop out of his heat-stricken sweaty fingers long enough to actualoly post something.

So thank you all for sending email. No really. Thank you. No, I mean it. ALL of you.


But yeah, why 25 hours? Cos that's how long it took from the minute i left my house to step into my hotel room in San Diego. 14 hour plane journey. Not so bad with the new Bruce Willis film, "16 Blocks" to keep us company. After that, JAn and I basically just drank ourselves into oblivion with JAn cutting me off after a while cos he got sick of having to move cos I have the bladder of a 4 year old.

And thus begins a tale of celebrity and more neck snapping beauty than I have ever seen in the longest time.

So after a 40minute bus trip to Union Station from LAX, we find ourselves in a line for the train to San Diego. JAn and I are peering around blearily when 5 gorgeous women all dressed up in 30s and 40s gear approach us, "Is this the train to Del Roy?" they ask. Apparently the races were on there and it was a huge event. After confirming it was, JAn and I both ate our sandiwiches facing backwards. The train again was packed to the rafters wityh incredibly beautfiful women all parading up and down the aisles in my semi-consciousness.

JAn reckons they all had fake breasts, but i prefer to live in ignorance and believe in a better world.

There's a funny difference between Australia and America. As you guys know, three sorts of people talk to you on the train in Australia. Those bumming for money, those looking for a fight and those who are just crazy. We're on the train and the guy seated next to us starts yelling at the people at the front of the carriage. I go into duck and cover mode cos there's gonna be a huge fight right? But they all just cheer back and everyone starts laughing. And everyone talks to everyone on the train. It's totally weird. (Jas' valley girl impersonation).

So we eventually make it to our hotel room ("No thankyou, separate beds, please.) and crash out for 3 hours.

We head down to the con for preview night at about 730pm and meet Roger and the lovely Katrina, the correspondent from Donner advertising representing the Mazda account (see the ad I did below). It's preview night with limited numbers and tickets but it's still busier than i've ever seen Supanova (the biggest Aussie con). It's huge. You could land air craft in there. I will post some photos to show you what I mean. And it's so incredibly dense. It took me 2 hours walking up and down every aisle and not stopping to make my way from one end to the other.

So we see the Top Cow booth, swap cards with Matt Hawkins (president) and meet Annie Pham (Spacedog marketing) and Christian Beranek (Spacedog Editor). Then Roger takes us all out for ribs. But not just any rib place, the place where they shot the "Sleazy Bar Scene" (quoted from the sign) in Top Gun. We also saw Glen Danzig there and JAn got a photo with him. We then headed to the top of the Hyatt for drinks.

We drank and drank and drank to find that Christian, his brother and his mate were staying in our room also. Some sort of misbooking, but it was all cool. They were nice guys and we were as drunk as skunks. Except one dude who snored like he was dying at the top of his lungs. Not a lot of sleep was had and JAn threw up cos he's soft.

When I get more time I will post more, but as it is we're 20min late for a club...

JAn has made me promise that I'm going to try and make him look better in the next entry.

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