Saturday, December 02, 2006

PHASE panel 2

Here's panel 2/3 of the story. Again drawn with absolutely NO time. =)

I'm currently working with Sky (the writer and director) on a direction for the series. There's been a renewed interest in the project with HEROES doing so well. I've been enjoying HEROES. It's a decent watch with incredible cliffhanger endings. But it does some stuff that just frustrates the hell out of me. There are some serious issues with the concept and the fact that it seems everybody and their dog has powers is just getting too much.

I've got an idea for something a little darker, more believable and more character arc driven.


Lee said...

Whilst there are some gaps in Heroes it was always able to go one of two ways. Either you have the select group of 'special' people with no reason as to why just they are special (except it cuts down on casting costs).. or.. you run with the idea that it is human evolution and once you start down an evolutionary path, you tend to pick up more and more speed.
Think of mutants in the Marvel Universe. You had the X-men team of 5.. then a couple of dozen.. then the same and double number of villains, then more mutants 'heroes' as new writers left the mark and so forth. Eventually (up until House of M) Marvel had to acknowledge that mutants were all over the place, there were towns of them and people stopped staring at mutants walking down main street. Sure, Heroes looks like its much more a story of hope, and who really belives the FBI would let one flunked out cop be their mind reader without plugging him into every machine known to man.. but the ride is fun and the show is worth watching for Hiro alone.

jasonb said...

Hiro is total gold. I like Peter Petrelli too...

I just find it a frustratingly happenstance concept. Especially when dynamic reveals include regular cast-members exhibiting powers (you know who I'm talking about).

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the hell out of it. But as a concept its flaw is that it requires too many leaps of disbelief regarding their original concept.

Jan said...

Man. Brad 5 Yen and I gave up on the first episode of Heroes after about 30 minutes. I thought that if I watched another minute I was gonna go crazy.

If it means I lose geekpoints then so be it!

jasonb said...

It starts real slow. Probably too slow. I was sitting there the entire time going, "c'mon!"

But I loved the cliffhanger and every episode has been building momentum. It is unusual for a show these days to take so long to get going (see: Buffy), but I'm really digging what they're doing. Episode 10 (set 6 months before the first episode and written by our friend), Aron Colleitte is really very good.

Ahhh. Children of the MTV generation with their 30 minute attention spans.