Monday, December 17, 2007


12 days! I think that's the longest that I haven't blogged since I took that huge break last year. So what's happened? Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with alien abduction, accidental arrest, deportation, kidnapping or a zombie apocalypse here in Australia (I'm reading World War Z and The Walking Dead, so I'm a little obsessed right now). It has more to do with me heading away for the weekend and miscalculating the number of pages I had to do as a full time comic book artist. I accidentally came in under my weekly quota, and then worked my butt off to get back on my deadline the last week. Blogging was a luxury I had to forgo.

I also slipped back all my commission dates back a week, and you would have received an email from me, if I had to do so. But it's all good now. I'm in a great rhythm of drawing, smashing out a page a day as well as back into the commissions, so it's all back to normal at Camp Jason.

I'm also working on my writing pitch and enjoying the hell out of it. I love writing! While I draw, my brain nuts out the problem that stopped me writing last time, then as it clicks, I jot it down for later. It's a great process.

"But don't you draw?"

This has been the most common reaction. It's like human beings are only capable of one of the other, and only an incredible amount of audacity will allow you to consider doing both. But I realised that what I really enjoy doing is telling stories. Now I'm growing less and less interested in telling other people's stories and dying to tell my own. I'm looking forward to showing you the first one.

Now for today's piece: KARA. Why not Supergirl? I mean, everyone knows that Supergirl's real name is Kara. But Kara is also the name of my model and inspiration here. From the moment I met her, I thought to myself what a great Supergirl she would make. Despite being a fair few years older than Supergirl, Kara is funny, smart, lovely and that is actually her body. She's kinda stunning.

I wanted to get away from the Playboy cheesecake that permeates the current comics where she's depicted less like Supergirl and more like Superslut. I find those depictions of a 15 (16?) year old girl... dubious. When I wanted to do my own take I wanted to infuse her with a personality that I find interesting. So I turned to Kara, and she leaped at the opportunity to model as Supergirl for me.

My goal was to create a depiction of the character that young women would idolise as much as I idolise Superman. I wanted an ethereal, almost non-human majesty combined with a smile and tilt of the head that belies her humanity.

Thanks to Kara's patience and creativity, we shot a bunch of great reference photos, and I will get to more pieces in the future. In the meantime, thanks for bringing Supergirl back for me, Kara.

Unfortunately there's no step by step process as I was horrified to find that I'd flattened the image. =(

COMMISSIONS: Still taking these on, but delivery dates have moved to the new year. Upcoming are a bunch of original characters, Diamond Lil, Emma Peel, Deathblow & Grifter, some portraits and more!

SKETCHBOOKS: Some are still available (I'm finding them sandwiched between piles of comics, papers and books). $10 + $2 postage in Australia and $5 for outside.


Ororo_Munroe said...

I'm excited to hear you will be telling your own stories! Are you going to practice on us here first or are you going to tease us and make us wait until you publish? -

BG is going to kick me out of the BArmy for sure... I'm not crazy about Kara. Maybe she is too ethereal for my taste? The softer colors just don't say "Super" to me. - Keep in mind my art instructor used my art as example on how not to do things. ;)

I do admire how you haven't drawn a teenager with a Hooters employee of the month body. She has the figure of any real woman.

CurlyMarie said...

YOU'RE BACK! I was starting to get worried. :)

As Ororo said, there is an awfully ethereal quality to this picture, but I find it fairly believable nonetheless. I don't think I've really pictured SuperGirl this way before, but I can see it working. And I echo the sentiment of being thankful for "real people" bodies. You'd expect SGirl to have a terrifically well-toned body, but to make her as "top-heavy" as some artists do is a little ridiculous. Thanks for being mindful of that.

Hope you're managing to stay on top of your deadlines. Congratulations on all the new ventures!

Ron said...

hey jas... what type of story do you have in mind and will it be a graphic novel or stories for a certain comic book that you're considering? ... have your previous writings been published and will we, your fans, be privy to any of it? ..curious minds wanna know :)

jasonb said...

Ororo: I practice on the job. I just got my script back from a skeptical editor friend of mine, and he thought it was really strong. Ah, you don't have to like everything I do. I love this piece. But I can't wait to do the next one. This one gave me a handle on her, the next ones will kick real butt.

CURLY: Sorry for the awol. Glad you liked the piece for all the reasons I do.

RON: The story will be with Spacedog and I will tell you guys the name as soon as it's confirmed. I will let you know everything as soon as I do.