Monday, February 11, 2008


As some of you who wandered by my Facebook would know, I got a new HEROES job and that basically accounts for all of last week. Trials, tribulations and stories will be posted when it goes live. Until then, it's all very hush hush. I am very proud of it, though.

Ok, onto Wolverine. I did this piece WAY back in Melbourne. I think it was the first piece I drew on my new laptop. I just found it when going through all my archives of artwork. I can't believe I forgot about it! Huge shout out to Andrew and his brother Ashley (did I get that right, guys?) who commissioned me for this.


I believe Ashley had the vision, but it was Andrew who put together one of the best, most detailed briefs to work from. When it came to doing the sketches, the picture Andrew had painted in my mind was so vivid. I remember doing an alternative just in case, but they went with the first version - purely inspired by their brief. A chance to draw a berserker Wolverine was really exciting!


The trick to the actual picture was to arrange all the elements in the picture into the most dynamic action-packed way possible. Those claws, man... those claws. They are a NIGHTMARE! Trying to fit all six claws into the picture without breaking Wolverine's Adamantium arms in the process was tough. They then had to look sharp and dangerous! I had great fun playing with the berserker expression. I only noticed well after I'd finished the piece, that the element that had made Wolverine & Havok so painful had been omitted! By subconscious choice or simple forgetfulness, Wolverine had broken out the waxing strips.


I think this is actually my favourite stage. He just looks totally bad ass here! I think the shadows really help the perspective and the dynamism. I also really like the fill light behind him and to our right.


I found this nice moon background and it seemed to add a real sense of dynamism and enhanced the forced perspective of the picture. It also created a really nice mood and perhaps subconsciously evokes ideas of the werewolf killing at the rise of the full moon.


I just simply laid down Wolverine's basic skin tones and the yellow and blue spandex. I don't mind the blue and yellow, but I grew up with the brown and well... browner. Logan just never struck me as the blue and yellow type, you know. And at that moment in the first X-men film, I laughed until I was escorted out of the cinema.


What really brings the drama to the piece is this fun red light from his left. I have no idea what it is though, but it looks good! It evokes blood rages and the intensity of his fury. But really, it could just be the brake lights going on Kitty Pryde's car as she's driven into his bike. This picture is Wolverine's reaction to his prize hawg being totalled.


I blew out the moon and added some shine on his claws and metal shoulder plates. I love playing with lighting!


It's very rare that I go back to a piece. I recently bumped into an old buddy of mine in London, Xander Black. Xander is not only an incredible painter, designer and one of the best creative directors in London, but he knows a couple of cool Photoshop tricks. He taught me one about colour balancing the image. This involves shifting the palette of colours all in one direction to create a uniform piece. I tried it on Wolvy and it looked spectacular! I emailed this new version over to Andrew and Ashley.


I love the pose. The guys put so much thought into it. But I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the pose before, and I know why. Those damn claws! The perspective on them is a nightmare. It practically gave me a headache! I'm not a big fan of the yellow spandex, but I think the colour scheme I've chosen would make even Hugh Jackman think twice.

Oh, the guys emailed their Badowerian Gallery of sketches:

I gotta tell you, it's a huge buzz seeing my work up on people's walls like this.


Boy have I been busy. Last week it was just me in front of a computer. But I have been out and about a little bit...

Cloverfield: This has got to be one of the most magnificent dedications to a storytelling concept I've seen in ages. Because of this it has its weaknesses and strengths. But the whole idea made me more excited than a bodybuilder with free steroids.

Kula Shaker: I thought this incredible indian-inspired indie guitar group had broken up, but JAn informed me that not only had they got back together, done a new album (Strangefolk), but they were playing live here in London! We were so excited, as we'd both got into this band when King Mob from the Invisibles mentioned them. So it's a ROCK CONCERT, right? But the English just sit there with their legs crossed and their hands folded on their knees. JAn and I are up in our seats jumping around like drunken Aussie idiots while screaming, "It's a rock concert! Get the hell up!"

London Zoo: I kinda like zoos. I hear a lot of people say that they're cruel but I don't think they consider the fact that zoos are not only keeping animals alive, but also have breeding programs to help repopulate certain species. Every time I walk through one, I wonder if I'm going to be recounting this day to my future fictional grandkids of ancient creatures that they've never seen like komodo dragons, pandas and gorillas.

CUTE BABY MONKEY! As a comic fan, I've been trained by DC Comics to love monkeys.

A REAL DAMN LION. I kept waiting for it to roar and the movie to start.

MONKEYS! C'mon, that's cute, right?CAMEL! You think you've seen camels, and then they wheel out this prehistoric monstrosity. I can't tell you how big this thing was. I actually think it was about 7' tall at the start of the hump and about 8' tall at the top. My sister and I were stunned!
KOMODO DRAGON: This was one of the highlight for me. A big frakkin Lizard! He was a bit over 2 meters long. I just wish he'd do something, though. Burn a village. Eat a virgin. Wipe a raid. Anything, you know?

TINY CUTE TURTLE! Just watching this guy walk with his bleary blinking eyes was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.
SPIDER MONKEY! No really, that's what they're called. One guess why.
TAMARIN: Man, I'd love one of these as a pet! But thus ends the monkey-fest. I got shots of the gorillas, but it was mainly all ass-shots and you really don't need to see gorilla butt.

ARTY SEA SNAIL SHOT: Except for the reflection of my camera, I love this shot.


THE LOCAL GAMBLING PLACE: They're playing it pretty straight what's going to happen to you with the name, huh? No false advertising here.
SHERLOCK HOLMES MUSEUM: A "museum" created for a fictional character! This is indeed 221B Baker St, where he actually "lived". I didn't get a chance to go in. Next time!

FACEBOOK: "Friend" me if you'd like. Just lemme know you found me through the blog. Then you can get a little story about how we met. =)

COMMISSIONS: Yeah... um. Yeah. Pretty busy, but if you're interested it can't hurt to ask.

SKETCH BOOKS: Still hocking the last few.

UPCOMING: My HEROES story should be uploaded this week or next...


MiamiVolts said...

Your Heroes story "Past Experience" got uploaded today. Congrats on another work well done. Nice touches with the flowers; they are beautifully done. BTW, you've been very hush hush about it. It was a cool surprise to see your artwork in Heroes again.

Anonymous said...

Jase, that Wolverine is one of the best pieces I've seen you post here. The lighting, the pose, the shading - all top notch. Be nice to see a brown & yellow alternate version sometime.

- darren c

Anonymous said...

re: Heroes GN and your good as The Death of Hana..amazing work! Thanks!

Kelly J. Compeau said...

"Past Experience" was very well written and beautifully drawn/colored, Jason. Again, you amaze me with your spot-on likenesses. I'm thrilled that you got to take another shot at the online comics.

Speaking of online comics, I'm not sure you're aware of this yet, but The Black Tower's official website went online last week.

Someday, you and I are going to work together, Jas. Someday...


delusions_of_grandeur said...

I just finished reading your new GN on the HEROES site. Great job as always! I hope you are enjoying London.

Begemot Geroi said...

Nice work on the latest Heroes GN, Jason.

I know some people weren't fans of it, but meh. I thought it was pretty cool and as usual, I enjoyed the art.

Leshia Doucet said...

Holy stealth graphic novel, Batman. Past Experience was great!


CurlyMarie said...

You're back! I was starting to get worried that you'd finally drunk yourself into oblivion and were wandering the streets of London trying to remember your name. But no, you were just working on another terrific Heroes comic! Hurray! I'm glad you got to do this; it's nice to see you back. I'm also glad you're not wandering in a drunken oblivion.

Yeah, what Leshia said. :)

leper messiah said...

Absolutely amazing piece mate. Great pose but would have been a hell of a thing to draw.

"Wipe a raid" nearly choked to death when I read that... ahhhh the memories! Incoming message anyone?


jasonb said...

miami: Hi again! Thank you! I was so busy I didn't get a chance to announce it!

darren: thanks mate! If I get some time to breathe I might go back and do an brown and browner version.

sheindie: Thank you! I wanted it to be better, but "life" got in the way.

KJC: Looking forward to the Black Tower! It was well-written and I loved some of my likenesses!

Delusions: thank you! Loving London!

Begemot: Thanks as always. I really appreciate your support.

Leshia: I know, I know! I would have loved to have announced it, but I was sooo busy. Sorry!

Curly: Captain One Drink has been wandering the streets lost (took me 3 hours to get home one day), but I'm back drawing too!

Leper: HAHAHAHHA!!! Someone got it! Ahhh those incoming messages *wipes tears*, things of beauty!

Ororo_Munroe said...

This is the Wolverine of my youth! Love it! I'm a big fan of the yellow and blue spandex and always will be.

You always manage to capture a characters personality in one image. Pretty impressive.

Zoos are fantastic so long as the living space isn't cruelly small causing the animals to become lethargic. They help endear animals to the masses. Seeing a live animal is much more impressive than watching one in a boring documentary on TV.

Flawedprefect said...


Did they do their Peasants Pigs and Astronauts set? I listen to that album on loop for DAYS man, while I sketch. I take a break by putting on the Shins...

jasonb said...

ororo: The bear enclosure was so big it was a matter of playing "Where's Wally" with the bear.

Paul: No way! You're a Kula Shaker fan too?! The gig was AWESOME! They had a support act called Dr Dan and (I can't remember the name). Some indian finger-drumming dude came out and invited his "Italian band members" who turned out to be Kula Shaker in bad wigs, mustaches, sun glasses and beards! They then supported THEMSELVES playing all this whacky cool stuff! Off Peasants/Pigs they did Mystical Machine Gun and I think Sound of Drums and Great Hossanah. My highlights were Tatva and Govinda as the finale.

Josephine said...

Hi Jason, I'm adding you to my facebook! :-)