Thursday, June 19, 2008

ROOT & BRANCH: part 1 page 5

I have no idea what sort of post you're going to get today. My head feels like it's been wrapped in a alcohol-soaked heshen sack and beaten with a dead penguin. I've been staring at house listing in Los Angeles for the last 3 hours. I'm trying to find somewhere within a walking distance to work so I can put off getting a car.

I know, I know. I have to get a car. It's just going in the "too hard" pile right now.

But lets get back to page 5.

Oh man, if Ollie had been sitting next to me while I drew this he might have scored himself a punch to the face. I mean, who fills a cell with six identical versions of the same guy and then asks for all their shocked reactions in the next panel? I'll tell ya who! If Doctor Doom got together with Adolf hitler and wrote a comic, that's exactly what they'd write. Something to torture the poor bastard who's already going grey and losing hair. It's not enough that I feel like a dirty old man hitting on twenty year olds, now I look like one, and it's all because of pages like this! It's pure sadism on a page!

Right there people!


Right there!!!

Think about it! Body language, perspective, shading, personality and clothing all on a deadline! And they all had to look alike! Amnesty International would have a field day with this sort of inhumane treatment of a human being. Alright, alright. Maybe that was a little harsh. I'll ease off the coffee and get more sleep.

But it did make for a couple of really nice panels. It's a tough ask, but I think I stepped up to the plate and hit a solid one.

<- Future Hiro. Can you spot what's missing kids? That's right, his soul patch! Not that anyone else on the day picked me up on it. Should this dude ever hunt me down again, I will be more than happy to beard up our favourite Japanese time traveller. I think Peter S drew Julien in red in his sketches, but I decided to make him green. Green as in branches, green. Mis en scene eat your heart out baby!

<- Now this is a totally awesome request. Young Linderman! A first time for everything. God, I really enjoyed drawing this. I'm particularly proud of the third panel. Firstly, I like the cliff face. It's a fresh and convincing texture. Secondly, as you can see, the entire background is a digital painting. What the hell is a digital painting, you might be asking yourself? It's basically when I don't use linework. I just paint in colours. Because my brain works in blacks and whites I find this very difficult. But I'm particularly happy with the scale and scope of the final piece. I think it's the clouds that get it over the line.

<- This is Luis the winner of the cameo competition for Part 3. If you check out the security guard who gets shot you can see that's Luis. To add to this man's total coolness he asked for a picture of Hana. I was so buzzed that he not only knew who Hana was, but that he wanted a sketch of her! The last panel was fun. My initial layout had a much closer shot of the clone, but NBC asked me to pull back out. I did so, and it was a good call. It sells it much better. And any panel where you can spray blood all over someone is a good panel. Chalk that up with withered squirrels. Blood sprays and withered squirrels. If anyone asks, THAT'S what the HEROES universe is about.

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<- Matt Parkman is easily my favourite character next to Hiro. While this is ok, I should really sit down and make him a signature likeness for me.

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Mephisto said...

Dude, it was totally awesome finding myself in the world of Heroes. I love the smug look on Bennett's face as I'm getting shot. I just hope you are not related to Isaac Mendez.

Plus I'm totally thrilled to have my very own Hana sketch!