Friday, August 22, 2008


<- This lovely lady asked for something pretty. So I drew Supergirl. And I love this pic. It might be my favourite for the day.

I'm gonna keep this super brief as I'm slammed with work. What's that saying? Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest? Well, that's me.

TRUE BLOOD is killing me, and let's not talk about HEROES or my secret project (which I've almost finished book 1 of).

Next up I'm going to wrap up Root & Branch, then get onto TRUE BLOOD before I delve into the episodes 99, 100 and 101 of HEROES.

<- There's a pier in Melbourne called the St. Kilda pier and artists sit there all day doing portraits of people. I felt like one of those guys at this stage.

All I can say about the script written by Jim Martin and Timm Keppler, is that this thing is off the chart. You're going to love it. Reveals, action, drama. It's everything you want in a HEROES webcomic. It's so much fun to draw.

<- So what's funny is you see something all the time, and it becomes so familiar you forget it's there at all. Like Wolverine's mask.

<- Back to St. Kilda to fill out this lady's request.

<- Our curvy vampire chick for this very blue, cool looking chick.

<- By this stage my brain had totally turned to jello. When she asked me to draw Claire, I just had a brain fart. But then I looked up and saw a massive banner of Hayden on the wall and just worked off that.

<- This gentleman requested a zombie and of course, Max Brooks came up. So I decided to illustrate for him a little warning.

<- This is Danny Greenspun and his lovely wife. I had such a ball hanging with Danny, the creator of Heresy. I think he got the biggest and best vampire chick picture I drew that day. Cheers Danny! Thanks for being such a great signing buddy. <- This lovely couple found me after the signing was done and patiently waited while I scribbled a (very blurry) Niki and Jessicca on the floor of the convention entrance area.

<- I only made it to one panel that con. I enjoyed the Umbrella Academy and I love Grant Morrison's work. So Gerard Way, the writer of the Umbrella Academy is also the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He's an international rock star. His name gets announced and he comes in and there are huge cheers and applause. Next up, they announce Grant Morrison and the room erupts into a deafening reception. I leaned across to my friend and whispered, "Only at Comic Con would Grant Morrison outdo Gerard Way."


Ororo_Munroe said...

Aww, Jason you're the best! You go out of your way for your fans. No wonder everyone loves you. =)

Heroes sounds exciting!

Alexandre Togeiro said...

The Claire-induced brain fart and the zombie warning (with a dent into the head) were just priceless! After drawing for a long time there at the con it must feel like a zombie had a quick meal off your brain :) And since you mentioned Umbrella, I think the art by fellow brasilian Gabriel Bá there was phenomenal!