Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone!

I'm not going to bother doing any proper posts til I get back to LA. I'm at my parent's place in Bendigo (a small country town two hours outside of Melbourne) and they only have dial up. Getting on the internet is like trying to dig your own teeth out with a pair of nail clippers. Painful, slow and ultimately pointless.

I hope you all had a great NYE. I'm rearing to go for 2009. I have a bunch of ducks in a row and I'm looking to knock them all down in 2009.

To those wanting to catch up with me while I'm in Melbourne, I have one more week. It's really tough for me as it takes me 2 hours to get to Melbourne by train. Please be patient, I'm trying to do my best here.


Flawedprefect said...

Holy crap... Bendigo!? Dang boy! I feel your pain getting back to the big smoke.


~vester . said...

Hi there ! I've just started to read all the graphic novels from Heroes,and,you are one of my favourite artists in the graphic novels.And I always wonder how do you do to handle with all this,I mean,do you use vexel art,don't you?Well,I don't really know how you do to transform pencil lines into beatiful art as yours,and improve them with Photoshop.I really admire your art,you are awesome!
By the way,happy new year !
Best wishes
vester from Argentina

jasonb said...

Paul: You're telling me! Bendigo was awesome but painful.

Vester: Hey mate! Thanks so much. I actually draw it all on Photoshop. There's no pencil or paper. Just digital drawing.