Thursday, January 07, 2010

GI JOE part 3

Let's finish this GI JOE action off so we can get into my latest HEROES work. You can go do your homework and grab the free comic at:

Come back in a day or so and I should have the first blog entry up. There will be a quiz.

Right. Go Joe!

<- Stormshadow Paris: Tiger stripes. Because Paris is filled with tigers. Why you would think you could camouflage in with them rather than say, getting eaten is beyond me. On the other hand, there's something distinctly and delightfully low-brow Parisian about covering yourself in a tiger-print jumpsuit. It reeks wonderfully of Euro-trash. Like something you'd see on a Eurovision broadcast.

<- Stormshadow Movie: Some sweet desert camo to hide his awesomeness before he impales you on his family heirloom katana.

<- Stormshadow Basic: Everything the power broker needs to wear to work. Urban camouflage and katana. I just read MARKET FORCES by the brilliant Richard K. Morgan and I can't help but think the characters in that would strangely love this suit.

<- Stormshadow Arctic: Not what I'd wear to the arctic. In fact, I can tell you that I went a little more Snake Eyes - full body head to toe black. Just to prove it, here's me in the gear I amassed to brave the Boston cold on Mount Sunapee. It's Silence of the Lambs meets Snake Eyes:

<- Viper Basic: I always wear an armoured face mask with a tshirt. I do like the bad-ass alternative camo pants that you can get with this outfit though. I'm sure he'd give a mean head butt in this thing. Anyone else notice the ridiculously overt Army of Two reference with the masks? Cool, but seriously derivative. I wonder if the Vipers in the movie were also suspiciously homo-erotic in their over-compensation to appear the peak of heterosexual. The Army of Two guys went all the way on the dial from Hetero, to Manly, to Bad-ass, to Rambo and to finally just You're Really Just Trying to Hard Cos You're Actually George Michael Toilet Block Lover. <- Viper: Movie. Just the plain design bereft of camouflage. A little more sensible in the body armor department to. You can also get a button camera so people can watch you kill or be killed. Sweet. Reality tv to a new level.

<- Neo Viper: Some sweet badness wrapped in a fine camouflage design. <- Viper Arctic: Here he is with the urban camo design. I like their design a lot. Practical and largely makes sense except for the fact that awesome looking red visor would make a really good target. Definitely what not to wear if you ever get turned into a zombie.

UPDATE: So I'm writing the second issue of my six issue graphic novel called ORBIT for I'm also drawing a prelude mission which is the sixth story and I'm about 12 pages into that. It's easily the best work I've ever done. And Annette is coloring that. My uber-website is coming along and I should be able to make some announcements on that in the next few weeks when it goes live. This is not a personal website. It's a website that will change the way you interact with the web. Big talk, but you can decide whether I achieved my goal.

Next up HEROES 160: Trip. Written by Foz McDermott and art by myself and the amazing Annette Kwok.