Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Merry Mass Effect Xmas: REBUILD

This is a super quick sketch (about a day's work and extensive stolen images and tracing of screen caps) just to get something out between jobs. I would NEVER do this for commercial work, but this is a personal fan piece. My main goal was to thank Bioware for making the best game I've ever played.

The piece is called REBUILD. It's a quick sketch of the idea that after the battle, Miranda stumbles and finds a sapling xmas tree in the rubble of London just as the crew finds her.

I wanted a human in the forefront as xmas is a human tradition and I wanted Miranda as a shout out to another fellow Australian. Oh hell, and I just wanted to draw Miranda.

I do regret not drawing more people, but I just got so tired of drawing person after person. I started at the right and worked my way left. Look how poorly Vega looks!

I especially wished I'd drawn Joker, Jack and Kasumi. But neither Kaiden or Ashley is there as I didn't want to preclude someone else's ending (just pretend they're off doing recon or being dead).

Now, I could have been rushed and I should have fixed the lighting on Miranda (and maybe made her a bit thinner) or we could pretend for my sake that a special someone found a way around her genetic limitations... Your call.

Merry Christmas!

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