Tuesday, April 07, 2009

COG page 4

Hey gang, I hope you've been better than I have. I spent a week in Boston meeting Heather's parents and friends. Basically it was 6 days of drinking. I managed to extend the drinking by 2 days when I got back. Now my sinuses feel like they're going to explode and I've metamorphasized into some sort of snot machine. I know, where do you sign up. I just make everything sound so damn enticing don't I?

Quick recap of Boston:

Friday I got to see my first ever Red Sox game at Fenway. Down by 7 in the third and then a massive come back from Green and Drew to win. Amazing stuff. Varitek was solid as always but Big Pappi was still under performing.

After that we wandered to visit Heather's bff, Biss at her work. She was closing up the restaurant and while we waited asked if I wanted a beer. I thought that would be a great idea and said I'd love one. A minute later she slams down this.... stein/tankard/chalice/mini keg of beer. I worked out it was two pints! Well, 2.5 of these barrels later and Heather is guiding my shaky ass out the door and back to the car.

Saturday was spent with Heather's parents at the MFA where I got to see a Gustav Dore sculpture. He's one of my favourite artists and was pumping out stuff at 12 years old that rivals what I was doing when I was 20.

Sunday we headed into the Isabella Gardner Museum where I saw a more John Singer Sargent stuff (another guy I love because of his dynamic lighting). The museum was beautiful but it was Heather's mom who noticed that the placement of the paintings was terrible. After lunch we met up with the girls for more drinking.

Monday was Marathon Monday where Boston stops for the 26 mile marathon. People fill the streets drinking and cheering. It was a great fun. We ended up crashing a party of one of Grace's friends, Kara. She was lovely and incredibly hospitable. After this we headed to Grace's for more drinking to watch the Bruins destroy the Cannucks in Ice Hockey. It was a good sporting weekend for Boston.

Tuesday Heather and I headed into Boston to pick up some Sox merchandise (a tshirt and hat). Later that night I cooked a huge lasagne and cheese cake. I was joking that I need more manly kitchen tools. Think of it, a range of men's kitchen accessories all with the word, "POWER" in front of them. Like POWER mixer, or POWER blender or POWER microwave! I want kitchen utensils I have to crank like a lawnmower and hold like a chainsaw. Then we're playing with power! We could have Tim Allen be our spokesman!

Wednesday I headed back to LA where I caught a cold. If you've never flown Virgin America, do so. I really enjoyed it. Cold optional though.

I also did an interview for the HEROES magazine. Bryan, the interviewer said he'd mention which issue and when it would be on sale, so I will keep you updated. It was so nice to see that my stuff had made an impact on them enough so that they thought fans would be interested in me.

Anyway, I have heaps of work to do including a new HEROES gig which I'm drawing and colouring. This is going to printed for San Diego comic con. Now Ollie and I decided that there we could fill a bunch of areas with shout outs. So, sign yourself up in the comments below for a shout out to see your name in lights! Write the name you'd like included and say that you'd like to be given a shout out. First in, best dressed. I can only fit so many in, so good luck!

Lastly, I'd like to draw your attention to THIS AMAZING POST REPLY by Clifford on the movie, WATCHMEN. It's brilliant and enlightening. I think he really hits it on the head. The main problem is that the character's motivations are all slightly different. Having not read the graphic novel in about 10 years, it bothered me less. But I know that reading it again I'm gonna get angry at the film. Thanks for the great heads up Clifford!


Anonymous said...

First :). Best dressed ;).
Robert Beck would be a great shout out. This way I will of been in comics in both image and name.

Thanks a lot Jason!

Rob said...

(Oops This is LotsofInterviews.com Rob btw)

AcidBurn133 said...

w00t first comment :) lol I just saw your facebook post.
If you can fit me in there I go by AcidBurn133 on pretty much every forum ever invented or if that's too wacky Toni is just fine. Loving the new pages, btw. I need to get caught up on all of the HEROES comics I've missed! I used to read them first thing in the morning when they were posted, but now on Tuesdays I'm already at school by the time they're posted lol.

AcidBurn133 said...

Haha, ok, so not first comment. lol.

Rob said...

Sorry AcidBurn133, you can be the second best dressed (Y).

Nick Hayden said...

Hi, I'd love to be in the lights. Nick Hayden's the name, I saw your post on Facebook. Keep on rocking at the comics!

Anonymous said...



Ian said...


Firstly, Boston sounds fantastic. Glad you had a good time there, dude.

Second - seeing Ian Austin (my name) featured in a Heroes GN would make my entire year.

Stephanie said...

Not the first but close!! lol.

But I'm Canadian so we have all sorts of different rules! ;)


Jordan said...

Not first, but may I be dressed anyway?
The name's "theJollity" spelled just like that! Can't wait for the new comic :)

CurlyMarie said...

Not first by any means, but sure would love to be dressed, even if poorly. :)

I haven't been commenting much of late, but I'm always reading along, here and at 9thWonders.

Online, I'm CurlyMarie. My real name is Mary. You can also just call me "Curly" if you like.

Thanks, Jason. Congrats on the continuing good work.

And thanks for sharing your trip to Boston. I lived there for two years and LOVED it. It's fun to hear about your experience with places I recognize. :)


Sally said...

OK, if you can get'alabastamasta' in there, I'll be impressed :P

Or just Sally

Stephanie said...

Ooops, I forgot to add if you could do 'maxii' as the name! :)

Drinking in Boston! WAHOO! Great job once again on the GN's. (When do you ever not do a good job!)

Justin said...

Either Justin Barlow or Riddler works, Jason. We've talked on Facebook one or two times before. :)

As always, love your art, and can't wait for the next GN!

Max said...

I would love to see my name in a shout out. Max if you must use a real name, but i'd much rather see "Oneironaut" as we are all travelers of the dream world. I still remember the feeling of disappointment when i couldn't find my name the last time a heroes comic did this with that Hana Gitelman picture in war buddies. Be my hero Jason!

sew4the8r said...

A shout out!? Awesome sauce! I want a shot! I'm very nicely dressed :D I promise!

Name for shoutout: Lindsey Elhai

Stephanie said...

Actually, just ignore my last two comments above. Can you do my real name "Stephanie Gerk"??

That way it's easier to shove in my friend's faces that I got the artist JB to put me in a GN. XD

Jeremy Caley said...

I would dig having the name in Lights! Green Dragon is my handle on 9th Wonders, if it could fit somewhere that would rock... Thanks Jason

Jessy said...

Miss Kass would be great, 'cause I don't know anyone else who goes by that name. Or Jessica Taurins if you're feeling the realism of... well, a real name. xD

Saw your post on Facebook as well. =D Oh! When I bought some Heroes comics I was super excited when I saw your name attached to them.

Avi said...

Hey Jason,

I'd like a shout out, but not to myself.
Is it possible to get a sign in the background for "PulpFaction"? Failing that, "Secret Evil HQ" will do.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I'd love a shout-out, Jas! You know the name:

Kelly J. Compeau

Anonymous said...

Mate i think it's only fair that the "Paul Abstruse "Man gets a mention.....considering that you're the main character in one of my books. Which reminds me! I have to give you a copy.

Anonymous said...

Me, me! Seriously low priority though, I mean, you're been over generous to me already :)
Congrats on the Heroes magazine interview, that's great! Come on, stop being so modest about the impact you have clearly made. It's like describing a meteor crater as a pothole ;)


Alby Chin said...

Love to be involved!... and in something smutty and seedy!

Dreadman said...

Well Jas i'm a huge fan of your work, and I really loved your artwork in COG!

If you're able to fit it in, i'd love to see the name "Alex Moses" mixed in somewhere as a shout-out. :)
All the best, mate.

Steven Barrance said...

Hi Jason
I would love a shout out in hero's if im not to late, I saw the post on facebook when I got in to work this morning. you drew a claire for me when you visited orbital comics though I doubt you remember me you drew so many claires in London. next time you should visit manchester. I would love a shout for Steven Barrance


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, I'm a long time reader first time poster. Would be cool if you could still get me in, the name is Dylan Eales.

Adam Waterfield said...

Hey man, I really love your work and it would be very cool if you could get me in! (Adam Waterfield).

Thanks a bunch!

thepoohguy said...

CARP! I can't believe that I just saw this!!!! ARGH!

THEPOOHGUY, or Paul Moore, whichever is better. I beilieve I could be Class Clown. I did crack you up in the Book of Lies contest!

Alexandre Togeiro said...

I'd love to be given a shout out!!! Name is 'Alexandre Togeiro' but 'Togeiro' is fine too. Hope I'm not too late!... :)

And good to see you back to posting action here after relaxing in Boston!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,

thanks for the compliment! :) I was expecting some resistance or at least some disagreements about my review from you or your readers as, you know, they were just my opinions about the movie so to anyone out there, feel free to debate them and share your thoughts. I'll probably post the rest of the rant/review on the same page you made the link to this coming Wednesday.


Anonymous said...
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