Friday, May 01, 2009

COG page 5

I wish I could show you guys the stuff I'm doing for HEROES right now. It is flat out the best stuff I've ever drawn. I think it even rivals Sum Quod Sum. I did a good job on COG, but I find myself inspired and on a nice relaxing deadline right now. As Paul Caggegi once said to me, you better put ten pairs of socks on so I can see how many I can knock off.

Speaking of Paul, he's helping me out on this upcoming story by modeling a room in 3d for me to use as reference. This way I can get him to render out angles and backgrounds so I don't have to worry about that tedious perspective thing. We're juggling timelines and what not, but I hope it works. If it does, we're hoping to do this a lot more. It's like working with a production designer, it's fantastic!

The story is written by Ollie Grigsby. Because of all the cameos, he held a big bbq last Saturday so I could shoot everybody for photo reference. Looking at the photos I was stunned how good the performances were. I'm very damn excited. You're gonna see characters you haven't seen before, characters you haven't seen in a while and characters you're dying to see in a story that totally rocks... And I'm doing my damndest to make sure they all look... AWESOME.

I wanna send a huge shout out to Bill Hooper who played the shape shifting James Martin in COG. You can see him here being attacked by Agent Jenkins here on this page. Bill was actually conscripted on the show to play James Martin after NBC determined that the original guy "wasn't sinister enough." Bill took that comment in his stride and allowed his mug to be used for the show. Explaining the reasons for his casting choice to his mom was a bit tougher. I'd met Bill a couple times on the set and at Ollies and he's a very cool, very smart guy. When I mentioned that I'd like to draw him properly he came around to my place to shoot the reference for the fight in Foz's script. I was so grateful to him. Panel 3 is probably my best likeness of him. Thanks so much, buddy!

I also love Annette's colours on this page. Where it goes from the teal to the red is just awesome. It cranks up the danger as well as the visual dynamic power of the page.

Thanks for all those who want shout outs. I'm putting them in, but I can't guarantee that they will survive the lettering process. What I mean by that is I have little to no control where the word balloons are placed, so the word balloons might end up covering your shout out. But so far I've managed to fit in 14 of them into one panel... and it's seamless and there's room for more.

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Flawedprefect said...

Glad to be of service! I can't wait to see the process pages for the next issue.

Alexandre Togeiro said...

Great page, it has an excellent flow! In addition to Anette's color as you mentioned, there is a dynamic, visual right-left-right-left inversion you did there that I really like! :)

And hey, I always liked the scenarios you draw. It will get even better with Paul's help, so can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Jason, I can't wait to see it, another JBOG scorcher! I thought I might have missed it and missioned over to NBC, no such luck. Argh, no way, you can't equal SQS surely?
Hey, the idea of 3D modelling is great, I reckon that'll save bags of time, all be so perfect too.
So chuffed it's all coming together with people even posing for the star cartoonist now :D