Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Thanks for the fantastic reception to Graphic Novel 140. All your comments mean so much to me. I will chat about it tomorrow though.

Today, the briefest wrap up of LEFT BEHIND. I have to run off soon and won't get any more opportunities to blog today.

I really like the colouring on this page. I really feel that I have out doors nailed down, but I'm still working on indoors. I found it tough to colour the Human Resources room without it looking muddy. But hey, I'm getting there!

Panel 1 is fun. It's got a widescreen feel that just really attracts me visually. It was one of the earliest panels I conceptualised. I especially like the design of the trees on the left to help our intrepid heroes pop visually making them easier to find on the panel. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time drawing windows. I recall listening to Dennis Leary's "Why We Suck" as I drew them. I at first disliked Leary because he spent the early part of his career ripping off the inestimable Bill Hicks (whom, if you haven't heard his stuff, prepare to be as equally enlightened as you are offended). But Leary has really grown into his own, and his show RESCUE ME (which I've only seen the first two seasons of) is ridiculously good. His book is fantastic. It has an incredibly offensive level headedness that I really enjoy.

But yes. A lot of windows.

I also like the trees. Yes, the trees. Sorry to bore your non-botanical butts (with alteration and the admiring of my foliage).

But most of all, I love how the colour of the final story feeds so naturally into the sniper scope on the very last panel. It just had a nice synchronicty that I'd like to take credit for making happen even if I didn't premeditate it. Hey, sometimes accidents happen for a good reason.

But you all seem very pleased that Micah was actually shot, and it was Ollie's and my intention to give you that impression. It was funny reading the extraordinarily cynical predictions of how Micah would avoid being shot.

Anyone, time out. I'm off for sushi! You all have fun and be good, and if you don't make sure you name it after me.

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Alexandre Togeiro said...

That's a lot of windows! I hope you didn't draw each one individually. Unless you got a sushi for each one. Oh man, sushi. I love sushi!!!

I really dig the scenarios you draw, and the use of blur and/or gray lines on background elements. The earth 'power' turned really good, both here and page 5! And the foliage rocks, the color work creates a great 'leafy' feel!