Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well! It's finally up and I must say that I am very happy with how it turned out. I think I got some good likenesses there, the characters seem to interact really well and I like the backgrounds. It was fun playing with the different scenes, and I remembering commenting to Jim Martin (the writer) that he covered a hell of a lot of ground very, very quickly and effectively while still leaving room for the character interactions that make these stories and the show so much fun.

I really enjoy the palette of the opening sequence. I'm quite happy with my outdoor coloring. I'm still working on inside coloring that isn't too dramatic.

People have asked me what reference I used for Molly. Basically I just used the final episode of season 2. I think that was the last time she was seen. I don't know how much time has passed, so I just drew Adair Tishler as she appeared back then. To be honest, I didn't even contemplate the idea that she'd grown up. I know Micah has grown up, so maybe I dropped the ball on that one. I guess you're the judge of that.

Regardless, I think the last panel turned out to be quite a nice likeness. It was important for me after the wide establishing shot of the second panel to make sure that there was no doubt that it was Molly who was speaking.

Who names their kid "Molly" anyway? It's a great name for a kid, but not so great a name for a grown woman.

I had fun drawing the wrecked train. I'd never drawn a train before, but I had drawn a lot of wrecked stuff, so I kind of started there. I think it turned out rather well. That's one of the fun things about doing commission artwork, you always get asked to draw stuff that you've never drawn before and perhaps wouldn't have considered drawing. I think that's why I like drawing comics in general. There's always new stuff to draw to keep you on your toes artistically. And that keeps it fresh and exciting.

Toni (Acidburn133) sent me an interesting Facebook message today. She noticed that a person on Deviantart has run some filters over some of my artwork and posted it as their own work:

I had a long think about how to approach the issue. Roy Lichtenstein has a notorious popularity for taking comic book panels blowing them up and recoloring them. They hang in galleries for millions of dollars while the poor original artist sees none of it. While I don't necessarily agree with Roy's art in this aspect, it is still perceived as a valid artform. I'm not sure where running some filters over my artwork lies, but my signature still sits at the bottom of the artwork, so there's no doubt who did it.

After some deliberation I contacted Deviantart asking them to get the person who posted the artwork to credit myself and provide a link to the orginal piece of artwork (which you can find HERE.) If they refuse, then I asked them to get them to take it down. See, I don't know if it's some kid, a person with a disability or someone who is just trying to be clever. As long as they credit me, don't do anything offensive with it (a subjective guideline again assessed by me) then I don't really have a problem with it.

I hope they credit me and all ends well.


Anonymous said...

..the DA a/c was pulled so guess they weren't going to credit your awesome work.. Sheindie

doubleshiny said...

It seems to be pulled now, so obviously they were up to no good with it.

PS Thankyou for my sketch of Lyle, it's hanging on my wall XD

leper said...

Either that or Deviant art doesn't take too kindly to people doing that sort of thing and pulled it themselves.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Glad to see the stolen art was pulled off the Net. That shit just ain't cool, and you were being very diplomatic about the situation, Jason.

Great job on the artwork for this latest issue of the HEROES webcomic series. James Martin did a great job writing the story but...I don't know if this was his fault or the letterer's but there is a mistake on page 8, bottom half.

It says: "Room II-Beta. There should be in a hallway on your left -- about ten feet away."

I think the line was supposed to read: "Room II-Beta. There should be a hallway on your left -- about ten feet away."

Am I wrong, Jas?


gibbeynator said...

Hey, love the work on Rebellion. Going back and reading it, I and a few people over at Heroes Wiki were wondering if the shadowy figure that's standing in the doorway behind Micah before his line goes dead is supposed to be Sylar.

Ryan Stewart said...

Hey, Jas.

I loved that the sun was right behind Sparrow so often in this novel. Plus, the expressions you give her really bring her to life.

Your Molly is spot on. I'd recognize that profile anywhere.

Tarot said...

Sorry I'm a bit late to this party.
Lovely artwork as always.
The characters were all distinct and easy to recognize.

That Deviant art business is pretty sad.
While I've made a few icons and banners incorporating your work I always tell folks who drew it and colored it and tell them to check it out in its original context. Sadly, sometimes that's the only way folks over on Live Journal realize there's a new GN online.