Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thanks everyone for keeping me updated on the Deviant Art situation. It looks like they asked that person to take the artwork down. I hope that person finds other ways to channel their creativity. I'd feel bad if that person's find the experience so hurtful that they wanted nothing to do with their creativity.

On the other hand, that experience and Crystal from Deviant Art has prompted me to have a closer look at Deviant Art. I have to confess that when I looked at Deviant Art back in 2006 it was a forum for amateurs. It just seemed like it was where kids went to put up their pictures of Dragonball or whatever manga was hot at the time (as an fyi I was into Dragonball back in 1984 and had to get my mum to translate copies I would import from Hong Kong. Pretty industrious for a nine year old, huh?). But maybe I missed a memo, but Deviant Art is kicking some pretty serious booty. Adam Hughes is on there. Jim Lee is on there. Sweet.

I played with the interface a bit and really enjoyed myself. I still think the blog is the best place to talk about process. Here the focus is on the journal entry as a whole, wheras Deviant Art focuses on each piece of artwork. This makes it a bit tedious to post all the process sketches as they all come up as separate pieces of artwork rather than as a subsection of the finished piece. No matter. Every tool for every purpose, right? I'm thinking I might post more of my personal, non-commissioned work up there.

So back to this page. I would say that I didn't do a great job with Molly or Micah here. They're serviceable, but they're not outstanding by any measure. Why would I let something like this through the door? If I remember correctly I was drawing this while I was in Vegas. I woke up every morning at 9am and started drawing. My buddies woke up a lot later and headed down to theHOTEL at Mandalay Bay's wave pool, sat in the sun and started drinking. As each bucket of beers proceeded the next the texts they sent me got more and more inflammatory and insistent. So with this is mind, I may have been a little distracted while drawing these pages. I hope you can forgive me.

I'm happy with my likenesses of Claude. I know Tarot is always keen to see new Claude so I always try to deliver with him.


AcidBurn133 said...

FYI, Molly and Micah look awesome. Not as awesome as Claude, but still great. I love the detail in the train wreckage behind West, too. And on a random note, I like how you drew Micah's curls. Not too over done, but just enough to really make them stand out and be very distinctively Micah. :)

Tarot said...

Your likeness of Claude is fantastic here and I like what you did with Micah and Molly. You really didn't like it?

HiroDynoSlayer from HWiki said...

So can you confirm for us if the shadowy figure looming over Micah's shoulder in Rebellion, Part 7 is Sylar?

Ryan Stewart said...

I agree, I'm not a fan of the shadowy Molly or the crying Molly...but calling the first panel Molly and any of the Micahs "serviceable" is an injustice to your work, Jason. Your Molly is more than just passing, and your Micah is outstanding.

And, for the record, I still think you're a pretty industrious nine-year-old at heart. :)

HERO said...

I think ya did an outstanding job, especially if you were hangin' out at Mandalay Bay! :) Besides the wave pool, I liked the Shark Reef, too.

Anyway, methinks you're a tough critic on your work; not a lotta folks can probably do whatcha do with the amount of time ya get it done!

Take care!