Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The fourth and final page of the new version of the Emperor.

I love Annette's subtle colours here. She uses colours I wouldn't even think to use.

My favourite bits (besides the big-ass dragon and his massive Spawn-like robes) are the mist that Annette did and the trail of bodies running down the mountain, implying that he killed his way up there. Her clouds are incredible too! She does the best clouds ever.

ZERO-G: I'm currently chatting to models about what I need from them. The problem is, I'm going to have to keep hassling these poor people because I'm only getting one script at a time. I would love to shoot everything in one sitting, but it's just not to be. I am planning on getting a kick ass camera phone so I can shoot ref photos on the fly and do pick up shots when I'm hanging out with people. You all might find yourself making more appearances in my comics this way!


Joe & Rob said...

It's nice to see some updates. Really great work from you and the amazing Annette. We look forward to seeing more.

jasonb said...

Thanks for coming back!

I promise there will be stuff every day. I have a huge backlog of stuff I've done, not to mention the stuff I'm doing right now!

Mike N said...

You've got to update, man!!!

Hey, if you did that then there'd be no need for apolagies, right?

'cause your new stuff is even better than this, right?

ok then...

nice work by the way. Those crazy backgrounds...a world away from that Star Wars sub...what the heck happened to that anyway?...or shouldn't I ask...old news, I guess.