Sunday, September 24, 2006


They say to never begin with an apology, but I'm hardly beginning. I'm continuing. Forgive me father for it's been almost two months to the date since my last post. And that one hardly counted. It was like trying to pass off holiday snaps as art.

Anyway, I'm back with a HUGE backlog of stuff to show you all. While I haven't been posting, I sure didn't stop drawing.

I've got my new project ZERO-G with Alex Zamm (dir. Inspector Gadget 2 - go see it if you loved the cartoon. It's honest, faithful, has great heart and is a bucket of fun). It's a ripper of a script. I've got a bunch of character sketches from that to show you.

In the meantime there's a bunch of old stuff to post too. Wallpapers, birthday presents, old comic pages, character designs, band illustrations, paintings, mockups and pinups.

First up, I just have to show (what I think) is Annette Kwok's and my highlight to date. This is for a Proximity Effect story called "the Emperor and the Concubine" by JAn. This is page 2. I have pages 3 and 4 also drawn before we both got waylaid by other projects. Somehow, someday I will finish it.

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