Monday, November 06, 2006

PHASE page 2

So this was the first time anyone had asked me to act in anything. Sky had budgeted for me to have some lessons with Nicole Nabout one of the co-stars (you will see her on an upcoming page). But first Sky wanted to give Nicole something to work with and decided to teach me himself to begin with.

We began by doing some read-throughs. At the end, Sky was politely skeptical. I don't like people sugar coating stuff. If I suck, tell me. Nothing makes me want to succeed more. But he was having trouble communicating exactly what was wrong - other than he seemed to imply that it wasn't very good. I told him that I'm an excellent visual mimic. From my art, I'm very visually orientated. I study body language, posture and form. I had also won several martial arts tournaments by memorising forms that I'd seen other people do, sometimes off video tape (one being the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sword form that Chow Yun Fat does which was taught to him by Ang Lee). So next week Sky brought along a video camera and we taped the rehearsals.

I sat down and watched the tape. Sky looked at me, "So what do you think?" he asked.

I looked back at him, "Oh my god. I'm shithouse."


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