Monday, February 19, 2007

SYLAR page 3

This was probably one of my favourite pages. Getting to draw Hiro, Ando and Charlie was a huge buzz. Boy I'd love to draw more Hiro. He's just so expressive.

Soon as I got the script I knew the scene I wanted to draw. It was right there in my mind's eye.

I went back to episode 9 and began to trawl it for the scene. To my schock, I realised that the scene didn't exist. So what I did was I composited about 4 different scenes/images together to get panel 3. I grabbed Charlie from where she is chatting to the sheriff and the deputy and flipped her. I grabbed a zoom in shot of Hiro and Ando. I stole a Hiro from somewhere else and the Sylar is from his own shot. It's all meticulously drawn to make sure that you know that's the Burnt Toast Diner... right down to the photos in the background.

Because I was so happy with the likenesses here's a closeup of my favourite panel; panel 3:

Of note, I screwed up and no one caught me. In panel 2, Charlie's menu should read the BURNT TOAST DINER not the Burnt ToastER Diner. Ooops!

Also, I redrew Sylar's head in panel 6. It was good, but it wasn't good enough. Annette had already coloured it and was kind enough to afford me my eccentricities and coloured it again. Here it is again. It's more menacing, but I just didn't like it:

It's a huge page as it confirms Sylar has Charlie's memory. It's unsure in the show as Sylar just disappears. But you heard it here first hand. It also explains how he was immune to the Haitian's "Jedi Mind Tricks" as he remembers Claire after being captured.


RyanGibsonStewart said...

Another great post, Jason! You're right, the second drawing of Sylar was a much better likeness, but I really like the menacing Sylar above. And you nailed Hiro - you captured both his exuberance and innocence. Nice job! ... And don't worry about the "Burnt Toaster" incident - it's called the "Burnt Toast Diner", but NBC has aired signs in the window that say "Burnt Toast Cafe". Fun Easter Eggs like that make the experience that much richer.


jasonb said...

I felt so bad. I wanted everything to be perfect. I didn't notice it until I downloaded it from their site myself! I really kicked myself for missing that.

It was a tough choice between the mean Sylar and a better likeness. Hopefully I can do both next time.

DeletedSeen said...

The café scene is great, I almost wish it had been a little bigger compared to the other panels to emphasise it and really do justice to all the likenesses. It matches what happens in the television series so well - to the dimensions of the room, the coffee cup continuity, Charlie's posture etc. This is such a great page for keeping continuity with the show, genuinely I wish all tie-ins would show this great a commitment to the original.
I really enjoyed Joe Pokaski's writing on this page, although actually the whole story is very strong and very in character, tonally speaking. I really do love the way Charlie is paraphrased in panels 5 and 6!
I like the original image for panel 6 but I'm glad you redrew it because it was this panel which I saw elsewhere (either Heroes Wiki or SArmy but I don't remember which) and which completely hooked me (a) because of the stunning likeness, the gorgeous colouring (the skin tones particularly and the artificial lighting inside the truck) and also the really cheeky Charlie quote. It's probably my favourite panel – I wonder if you referenced the appearance at the Bennett's house in the Primatech uniform for any of this because it really matches up nicely, and you really get the sense of the same time period.