Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SYLAR page 4

I have a REALLY good excuse for not posting last night. You see, in Australia they just aired the 3rd episode, so I have to download my episodes (naughty me!). I couldn't jump on to post because I was waiting with bated breath for RUN! to come down. I enjoyed the heck out of it but kicked myself when Zane asks Sylar if he's Dr Suresh behind the security door. There wasn't any security door in my photo reference! I like everything to be perfect so the experience of the comics feels true to the show. I don't want my comic to feel like the poor, invalid cousin of a television program. I'd rather it be like nuts on ice-cream... you don't need it, but it sure enriches the experience (and you can always eat the nuts by themselves).

Anyway, onto page 4. This page is totally all Annette. If you hold them up side by side you can really see the amount of work that Annette put in. It's quite funny, Annette may not yet be the best colourist in the business, (this is not a slight, we're both at the start of our careers - and we both want to be the best - but we're not there yet) but she is one of the best storytellers in the business. Her commitment to the story is always paramount. I don't just mean things like motion blurs, and the incredible ice effect that she did on panel 3 (look at my black and white! I just wrote her some notes as to what I wanted and the rest of the magic is hers) . What I'm talking about is that after panel 2 I totally forget to draw the helicopter again. But Annette places its flood lights in almost every panel adding a foreboding sense of drama that I dropped the ball on. That's what good colouring is people.

But let's not dwell on that alone. The movement of the road on panel 2. The ice effect and the movement shine on the wheels in panel 3. The reflection of the siren lights on the ice (oh my god!). Again the helicopter light on panel 5. Wow!

The other thing that drove me nuts was the number of cop cars I had to draw! I think there's about a dozen or so. I was gonna headbutt my monitor by the end of it.

On the upside the script brought a revelation to the HEROES universe here. We'd never seen Sylar us his ice powers like this before. I wrote Annette some notes mentioning that I really didn't want it to look like Iceman from the X-men. A beam of ice never made any sense to me and wouldn't look right in the HEROES world. I figured that the air around his hands would simply just get really, really cold rather than a beam of ice shoot out of his hands. I figured he could then extend and direct the coldness around his hands towards the road (I couldn't get him leaning out and touching the road - how would he steer the semi?!). But where does the water come from that forms the ice? Is it the oxygen in the air slowing down? Should I have drawn the ground wet from rain? Given that there was no direction for the latter in the script, I opted for the former.

So my comic implies that he could freeze someone from a short distance (3 feet?). I wonder if they will use that or if he needs to actually make contact with someone? I wonder if he can do it from further away?

Questions, questions...


Kelly J. Compeau said...

I'm looking at the high gloss, full colour print out I mentioned in a previous blog comment. You and Annette did an excellent job on this panel, Jason. Beautiful work!

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Another fantasic piece. Thank you for sharing your work page-by-page and explaining your process panel-by-panel. Those of us who enjoy the details really get a kick out of your work!


jasonb said...

Thanks again guys! I may not be the best artist on the planet, but I try and maintain a high priority towards the integrity and communication of the story.

Sorry, I have too much work to do tonight. I will post page 5 and the comments as soon as I get home tomorrow night.

Jason Garrick said...

Hey Jason, another Jason here. I was wondering. While Sylar was using his left hand to freeze the road. Was his right hand controlling the steering wheel telekinetically?'

jasonb said...

Hahhahaha! It definitely looks like his telekinesis doesn't it?

I tried to do it so that he was using his right hand to drive... but it was just too great a distance between the steering wheel and the outside... so hello tk!

DeletedSeen said...

This page is so dynamic, I really love the perspective you've used to convey the action here with the massive truck bearing down on you in panel 2 and the abrupt collision in panel 4. I still find the idea of Sylar doing something as action packed and out-in-the-open as driving a big old truck in a police chase really funny!

Weirdly enough I managed to miss the fact that he was creating ice here as I didn't quite notice the spray of ice and the puddle but that's me being a bit thick.

You are so right about Annette working her magic on this page, it's so stunning!
It's the way she handles the artificial lights, it's so naturalistic, the way it informs the colouring of the vehicles, you can really tell what quality of light you are seeing. Panel 4 is beautiful for the interplay between the police lights and the reflection in the ice. Annette has such a gift with lighting and subtle shades - I think sometimes people might be inclined to overlook the huge amount of work she has put in just because it is that subtle and it is that real but it's work like this that really makes it world class. This page has real impact.