Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Justah Sayah Noah!

INTERVIEW: Those fine kids at 3heroes.net who do a rocking Heroes podcast threw Paul at me to do another interview post San Diego. You can find it here as episode 28.

Paul really kicks some ass. He is getting so much better at interviewing. Afterwards I asked him about his preparation, and he basically had 4 words on a page: San Diego, Zero G, Blackout. (the G doesn't count). I think it's a really tight interview that flows so much better than the first. There's some waffling about comics in general, but we nail it down to some HEROES action eventually.

Here's the episode summary from their site:

Jason tells Paul about his time at the San Diego Comic Con.

  • He also discusses the comic book the Watchman, and his worries for the upcoming film.

  • We get some scopes on his next Heroes Graphic novel. That is exciting for us geeks, because "we like to know first!".

  • He updates us on his upcoming comic, Zero G.

  • He talks about what he'd not like to draw from the Heroes world.

Ok, enough shameless plugging. Onto the art.

Mr Bennet. Pngaou's actual request as first place winner. Claire was just the bonus I threw in. You know, as you do. 'Cos I have all the time in the world. I whipped up a Claire and solved world hunger. "Whipped up a Claire"?! Is that even legal? Anyway, I will post my solution to world hunger sometime when I have more time.

When I showed Ryan the Mr Bennet in some dodgy burger place in NY, he thought the Bennet was fine. I was convinced that there was something wrong. And not in that "mole on Cindy Crawford's upper lip sorta way". Upon closer inspection I've divined that his head is too big. Not Ryan's. Mr Bennet's. Noah. Whoever. You know what I'm talking about.

So I've shrunk his head, and it looks a little better to me. Next up, I will post the joint image of Mr. Bennet and Claire. It's a sweet picture. "Sweet" as in nice and cute not "sweet" as awesome or sugar-filled. Ok, maybe a little.

UPDATE: Mohinder is almost done. I'm sick of drawing hospital rooms. One and a half more pages left! If any of you have questions for me, Ryan is doing an interview with myself and Blackout writer Mark Sable. You can chuck Ryan some questions here.

I promise not to look. =)

I'm looking forward to hitting the boards and saying, "Hi!" when I'm done with Mohinder.


RyanGibsonStewart said...

Well, Ryan actually does have a pretty over-sized noggin, too, so you're right on both accounts.

Hey, Shameless Plug Man, you're right--the new and improved Noah is better, though I still stick by my guns in saying there was nothing actually wrong with Original Noah. The way you made it sound, you'd think the dude's noodle was as big as the eclipse! :)

I'm glad I have the original, though. It's like having a comic book with a printing error, or a coin that's been scratched...or finding glass in your cereal.

the diptych man said...

Check it out!