Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is an addendum to San Diego, and it's a story too amusing not to share.

It was Saturday night. I had been at the convention all day in meetings and running around. After a massive Mexican dinner that night, I was exhausted. Mitch and Simbo had tickets to go see Richard Cheese about 30min out of downtown San Diego. After some cajoling from those two and JAn, I was dressed up and hitting the town.

Richard Cheese was hilarious. He does lounge covers of all sorts of music, but he does an especially good job of covering metal songs. I got chatting to the cute blond bartender (No, I did not say that "I loved her", I'm sure that was someone else) and we were doing round after round. She allowed us to stay back drinking well after everyone had left. After another shot of vodka, JAn tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Look around."

I turn around to see a concentric circle of security guards around us. Time to leave. We tell her that we need a cab, and she hands us a card with two words and a phone number on it: Party Cab.

Simbo calls the guy and he says he will be there in 10minutes.

In that time out the front of the club, we'd made a bunch of friends - including a girl that was very attached to me. Party Cab rocks up and the guys all wave at me telling me they're going. I'm looking at the chick, and looking at the one seat in the car. Reluctantly I climb into the cab. Party cab was totally black inside with glow in the dark stars on the roof, little domes full of electricity, a light show and a kicking sound system. It was like a little mobile nightclub that got us back to our hotel.

As we came out onto our floor we were greeted by what looked like police tape in the form of a cross on one of the doors in front of us. Upon closer inspection it said, "Girls Gone Wild" over and over again. We shrugged, went to our room, grabbed our alcohol and I knocked on the door. A cute black girl opened the door, and it turned out we had knocked on the door of a bacholerette party. Drunk as a sailor I wander past the "door bitch" and into the room. I was amazed as they had a room with two floors joined by a spiral staircase. I was more amazed that I had walked into a room full of fifteen cute drunk girls in their underwear with more food and alcohol than I'd seen in a long while. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

By the time the guys had negotiated their way in, the girls had already handed me two Jaegers. I was kicking back chatting to the girls when one girl hands me a home made cookie (no idea what it was) when there's a knock on the door. It's security, "One more warning then you guys are out of here."

Silence. I take a bite of my cookie, it was fantastic! "Oh my god!" I yell, "This is the best cookie in the world!"

Immediately another knock on the door. It was security again, "Ok, that was your last warning. Next time you're all out of here."

A sleepy girl wandered downstairs and points at us and says two words, "Australia. Out."

Suffice to say the guys were totally pissed off that I got them thrown out of a bachelorette party. Simbo leant over to me on the way back, "You better enjoy that f*cking cookie man, cos it's the last solid food you're gonna be eating."

ART: While I did bunches of sketches, I also brought some prints to the convention of HEROES characters as commissioned by my competition winners. Pngao my first place winner asked for Mr. Bennet and possibly Claire in the background. I figured the first place winner deserves something special. A two parter. Here's the Claire part. Oh, and here's Pngau with the sketch I did for him. All my competition winners will be getting their prizes in the mail really soon - and a special bonus for waiting!


RyanGibsonStewart said...

Great story. Ruth and I couldn't stop laughing. Great art, too. Congrats, Pngao, and I'm glad I'm privy to having both parts. Very cool.

The Polsons said...

Dude, there's no way that happened. ROTFLMAO!

And no love for Pngaou's driver? If it weren't for me, he might not have gotten there! Huh? HUH??? (nudges everyone in the ribcage)

Kidding! Still geeking out over the sweet mention last post. :)

Have you done Mr. Bungle yet?

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Great story, you party animal.

KJC (love the pic of Claire)

THE Bald Bob said...

Richard Cheese is the greatest! He used to do songs for some show that was on MTV. Love it.

Great ending to that story btw.

pngaou said...

Hahaha, must have been one great cookie. Sounds like you had one hell of a time that weekend!

Thanks again for everything Jason! And yes, you too Willow. :)

The Polsons said...

Hi Mr. Ngaou. I even spelled your name right. :)

Same thing next year? I had way too much fun!

climber said...

Dude, I...I'm not going to say anything. You idiot. Waiting for Las Vegas, you'd BETTER have redeemed yourself...

Gutter Monkey said...

I can't wait to hear JAn and Mitch's versions of that story.

AcidBurn133 said...

Sounds like you guys had WAY too much fun in the states! lol. Awesome Claire, btw, and the sketched Hiros are awesome. It's a cute style :)

jasonb said...

Ryan: Hahahah! thanks!

willow: it did! I swear it ALL happened! Thanks for driving Pngauo's ass to comic con!

kjc: I'm normally kinda low key when it comes to partying- but I'm trying to change.

Baldbob: You gotta see him live. He's such a great showman.

Pngauo: I'm sure the cookie wasn't as good as the potential nookie. (sorry, I just HAD to get that in).

Climber: I didn't "redeem" myself til LA. But I don't kiss and tell. =)

Guttermonkey: Well, you heard their versions the other night. I'm not a liar am I? It actually happened pretty much the way it did.

acid: I'm glad you like the sketch style. I will talk about it more as I post them.