Thursday, September 06, 2007


I just want to say, "Thank you" to everyone who dropped in and left a reassuring post.

I just want to clarify that I don't think it's a bad comic. I just don't think it's a classic Jason Badower comic.

It's like going into a Kubrick movie and someone showing you a James Cameron film instead. It's not bad - it's just not what you wanted or expected.

I like to think I have a very subtle comic book style. I like moody, realistic palettes. I like my people to look realistic. I like wide tiers to my panels as it resonates with what we see on the movie screen. I like consistent and dramatic lighting with powerful fill lights.

I hate the use of sound effects as I find them as clumsy shortcuts to communicate the story. The only sound effects I don't mind are doorbells and phones. You can get by without them, but a simple "ring, ring" or "ding dong" saves you space and time on the comic book page.

So sound effects like "Shoonk" bug the hell out of me, because I just felt it wasn't necessary. It didn't save time, space nor help the clarity. In fact, I felt it added to the confusion of the storytelling in a story that I wasn't telling too clearly to begin with. Mark had written a wonderful caption that seamlessly explained what was going on too. The sound effect just didn't need to be there.

I only have two reserves on this page. Mohinder's head on panel 1 just doesn't look... comfortable to me. Also, I should have put more drama on the nurse's face on panel 3. I just don't think she's worried enough. If she's not worried, then the reader isn't worried.

I've figured out what's wrong with my storytelling in this comic, and I will get into it next page where it is illustrated best.

As an amusing aside, the director of the hospital is my friend Lee, and his wife is playing the part of the doctor (also the nurse - but it's a decent likeness of her as the doctor).

There's a funny and incredibly embarrassing story attached to these shots. I can't believe I'm telling this.

This is set the day after I returned back to Melbourne from LA.

I had just finished the photo shoot and Lee and Nicola had bundled me up with the usual assortment of lending gifts: latest episodes of Entourage, comic books and random dvds. I ran into the rain hauling all this stuff and my lighting equipment out to my car. Now I'd been having trouble with my car lock recently, and now it came to a head. Neither the button on my lock nor the key itself would work. I figured the lock was jammed - and my car only has one lock! There were no other doors to try. Lee and Nicola came to the rescue with WD40 to loosen then lock. No dice. So Lee drove me back to my place to grab my spare key. Upon returning we found that didn't work either! So I called the RACV (I believe Americans have AAA) to get them to come out and help me get into my car. Turns out my membership had expired. $188 later, I'm a member and they're on their way. While we waited I bought Lee and Nicola dinner.

Within 20minutes the RACV guy rocks up. He double checks both keys and neither work for him either. So he breaks into my car with alarming ease. He decides to double check the ignition. He pops the key in and turns and... nothing happens. He looks at me and says, "Are you sure this is your car."

I turn right, and parked directly in front of this car, across a driveway was my car.

Someone had parked an identical car directly behind my car. Same model and colour.

That was the blondest moment I've had in a while.

I blame jet lag.


I've also been contacted by the SARMY: Sylar's Army to donate some artwork for some clothing designs for them. They sell these clothes for charity. I've done the main image and they've confirmed it, now I'm getting into the design stage. My mandate is to design something that I would wear. I hate most fan merchandise cos it's so under-thought and crappy. I'm aiming to change that. I guarantee you, if you're a Sylar fan, you're going to want one of these items. It's all for charity too! So it's a good cause. I will link it all when I'm done.


SArmy - Ororo_Munroe said...

Thank you so much Jason! Give Life is an incredibly worthy cause. We are so pleased and honored for your help. The design is awesome!

Sarah said...

For everyone who's reading this, you can check out our merchandise at We have some really awesome stuff there, and a portion of the proceeds go to the Give-Life Foundation here:

Jason, thank you so much for doing this for us. It really means a lot.

Thank you.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

I hope no one broke anything while y'all were trying desperately to get into the car that wasn't yours, Jas. No damaged lock? No smashed window?

I've been reading the various reactions on this latest comic on various message boards, and many people seem to be on the right track. It's not your talent or your artistic style that's the problem, specifically. The writing and the graphic, as a whole, are just...a little off.

HERO said...

Thanks again for sharing more background information about Blackout! I thought the "Shoonk" sound effect was a little obvious, too, kinda like a laugh track on a sit-com...

Ron said...

The nurses look worried as evidenced by their wrinkled foreheads and Mohinder looks like the handsome Mohinder he's always been, just concerned.
Thank you SO MUCH for helping out with the SArmy art/merchandise. The net proceeds go directly to Give-Life Foundation.
So, thanks again for part l, your help with our charity and MORE! Sheindie

pngaou said...

Hahahaha, I'm sure everyone has confused their car with someone else's. Just never to that extent.

Looking forward to your stuff for SARMY! So charitable of you Jason.

Leshia said...

Re: the car story.

HA! That sucks, but is also hilarious. It makes for a good story at least.

I'm generally not crazy about fan merchandise for the same reason you said, but if you're doing it, I may have to reconsider. Hmmm.

jasonb said...

ororo_monroe: wow! I'm working with Storm of the Xmen! Do I get some yellow spandex?

sarah/sheindie: Thanks guys, it's a pleasure. I have a literal fountain of ideas.

kjc: heya! great to hear from you. Nothing was broken. The mechanic was a professional. Just a little off is probably the best evaluation.

hero: Yeah, I thought so too. Mark's excellent script really covered my back there. That was a bit that was GOOD that was over done.

pngauo and leshia: I promise you will dig the stuff. It's going to be subtle but undeniably Sylar. NBC are going to be sooooo jealous. =)

Lee said...

The car story just shows you the extremes that Jas will go to in order to get an invite to dinner.

HERO said...

Oh, just one quick question - Was there a little bit o' continuity issues between the 1st and second panels of this page? First, looking into the patient's room, Mohinder is on the director's right, and then, looking out of the room, Mohinder is still on the director's right. Was there a quick doe-see-doe square dance move in-between the two panels where they switched positions? :D

Just an observation, which was fun to catch; it doesn't detract from the scene, obviously, 'cuz it doesn't seem others noticed it. ;)

jasonb said...

lee: what can I say? It's a lonely job. =)

hero: I show one sign of weakness and all the carrion comes a' knockin'.

I don't believe you're right.

Remember that continuous actions need to occur in similar time frames. If you believe it's possible that the nurse and doctor can come down the corridor and make their way halfway across the room towards the patient in the same time that the Director and Mohinder can take 2 steps to either side of each other, then there's no problem. =)