Friday, September 14, 2007

BLACKOUT part 2 page 1

This is going to be a short one. I've hurt my right arm and it hurts to type. Anti-inflammatories, compression bandages, physio and ice packs are all the order of the day.

In the meantime, you can go check out this HUGE interview that Ryan Gibson Stewart from did with Mark Sable, write of Blackout and myself. You can find it HERE.

Enjoy! It was a good chat.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed Blackout. I will hit the boards soon as I can type.


Rachel said...

Get Well Soon!

I really did enjoy Blackout, thanks for all your hard work.

<3 SArmy Member KiyoMichan

CurlyMarie said...

Jason, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! I hope it will heal quickly. Do everything you can to take care of it; don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the frustration of being unable to do things normally.

I broke my right (dominant) wrist at the end of June, so I sympathize thoroughly. First bone I've ever broken, and it drove me completely crazy.

I haven't been commenting much, here or at 9thwonders, first because of my wrist and then because life got busy, but I've been reading faithfully!

I enjoyed Blackout. I'm such a huge Mohinder fan, so it was great to see a story about him. And you captured Sendhil Ramamurthy's physicalization and likeness very well.

Hang in there!

Delusions_of_Grandeur said...

Ouch! I'm sorry about your hand. I hope you get better soon. Was it a martial arts injury?

I thoroughly enjoyed Blackout and your interview with Ryan and Mark.

Ron said...

Blackout was beautiful and moody and sparked a lot of conversation.
I totally enjoyed the and Mark ..back and forth..interesting and informative and you both explained certain things I wasn't too sure of and I hope you get to work together again. Feel better and don't push it.
Thanks for your hard work. Ron

Kelly J. Compeau said...

You really should stop all that excessive "pleasuring" of yourself, Jas. See what happens?

Ron said...

well - The Sarmy would like to send you a small ' get well ' gift which would also be a 'thanks so much for wanting to help out with our charity' gift.
Would that be possible. If so, where can it be sent?
Sheindie and Ororo Munroe

Srah said...

Get well soon JB!

AcidBurn133 said...

Aw feel better, Jas! (Part 2 rocked, btw ;))

Anonymous said...

Hey Jase,
Sorry to hear about the injury, just thought I'd drop in to give a digital hola! Gratz on all the comic success!
I'm moving stateside in the next year, pursuing music, working on a book and the love of my life
Im still knocking around Azeroth, saw you mentioned you were playing, drop me an email!

Damien (Pizzabot)

Olivia said...

Relatively new to the world of Heroes, I've just come across your artwork for the first time and LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your process via blogging.