Saturday, September 08, 2007


Here's The Jas (Yes, I've decided to speak about myself in the third person.) doing what he does best. Solid conversations with interesting people. The Jas really enjoyed drawing this conversation between Mohinder and the Teenage Patient.

The Jas has also included here his tones (See below). This is the digital painting that The Jas does before he goes in with colours. The Jas doesn't know if you can see all the brush strokes and stuff, but they're there. While some have commented that The Jas' finished artwork has a photographic quality, The Jas actually works quite hard to bring a painted, hyper-real quality to the work. Simply making it look like a photo is bloody boring.

If you want a photo, go check out the tv show.

I- er, I mean The Jas, uh... The Jas means The Jas believes there was some confusion on the boards after the patient manifested their ability.

Oh frak this.

Back to the first person. How the hell do wrestlers do this? I can't believe I've been out-grammared by every pro-wrestler on the planet.

Now the only rumour that I know is that Kristen Bell is going to be doing an arc on HEROES. I'm pretty happy about this as I'm a huge fan of Veronica Mars. I maintain that the first season is the strongest first season of almost any tv show.

I have no idea if there's any truth to the rumour about Kristen Bell's power, but apparently there's some similarity. Me? Couldn't care what her power is. Couldn't care if she has a power or doesn't. And I'd prefer if no one in the comments confirms or denies Kristin's powers or lack of powers, role, name or anything else about her. That's spoilery and I will delete your post!

But let's mine this rumour like a canary holding pickax wielding mad person.

What I'm really excited about is the possibility that I might have drawn the new season two character to be played by Kristen Bell. Apparently one rumour is that Kristen Bell's character's power is similar to that of the patient. Therefore, some people have been stating that they think this patient could be Kristen Bell. Let me see if this is indeed the first appearance of NEW SEASON TWO HEROES CHARACTER:



Wait! I see it! They're both sitting on a bed! That's it! I'm such an idiot. How can you not see the almost photographic resemblance. It's like I traced this EXACT photo. I mean the similarities between this weedy, sick guy I drew and this gorgeous, healthy woman are just uncanny. And if you don't believe me, check out exhibit B:



See?! They've both got blue eyes! How can you not see the resemblance?! It's not often I draw a likeness this absolutely freakily accurate. But I hear dissent from up the back of the crowd. Well feast your eyes on exhibit c:



Ah ha! Yes! Now you see! They're both looking sideways. Because if they're both looking sideways then they MUST be the same person. I know I don't look sideways.. EVER. Which means that I'm neither a teenage male patient nor Kristen Bell. By process of elimination we have deduced the answer! Ho, ho, ho! Case dismissed! But as my crushing finale of irrefutable evidence I present the coup de grace:


They both don't look happy do they? They MUST be the same person. They don't even need to do any makeup on Kristen to make her look like this guy. She could just roll out of her bed and onto set and voila! She's ready to go.

Seriously, people. Is my art that bad? How the HELL could you possibly confuse this guy I drew with Kristen Bell?! I know you're all looking for foreshadowing and easter eggs, but there's a difference between drawing conclusions and wild, irrational speculations.

In the future, if you think you might be onto something - just ask. I'm more than happy to deny, and if I'm silent - then perhaps that's a confirmation?

The Jas should also apologise as this has also been a shameless scam to post pictures of Kristen Bell. =)

If you smeee-eeeell what The Jas. Is. Cooking.


Impish said...

I dunno what Lee fed you for breakfast/brunch, but your blog makes you sound like a squirrel on crack.

In a good way!

Some of my best friends are squirrels on crack. Take Gir, for instance. ;)

I can only hope, for your sake, that you get to draw the lovely Ms Bell in as many poses as you can fit on a page.

Anonymous said...

You are a very funny man! Sheindie

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Nicely done. Thank you for singlehandedly squashing the silly speculation that goes around the Heroes boards. I mean, there are some really nice theories out there, but sometimes I feel like people are grasping at straws and drawing connections where there simply are none just to hear themselves speak. Thanks, Jas.

And no, your art isn't that bad. It's worse. :)

jasonb said...

impish: Lmao! Squirrels on crack are a good thing! Had a great chat with one in central park. I think the lil guy rubbed off on me.

sheindie: Glad you liked it!

ryan: making mountains out of any molehill, anthill or just moderately vertical clump of dirt.

Worse? Bastard! =)

Gutter Monkey said...

I live how you just 'happened' to have all these photos of Kristin Bell.