Friday, July 11, 2008


Here's my birthday post. I wanna thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes on email and Facebook. A huge thank you indeed! Despite this zombie-like state I'm in, I'm definitely feeling the love. I'm shuffling around the office moaning and I can tell you now, if brains had caffeine I would have made the full transition.

<- The final artwork but with the lettering I did on the phone.

I just finished work on the TRUE BLOOD comic. It was gruelling but fun. I did the cover and the interior of the comic for the San Diego Convention exclusive. You will find more pages up on their site finishing up the story.

I will go into the process of True Blood more after it hits the public at San Diego Comic Con. I believe it will also be adapted into their online reader too.

<- The line art. I was complimented on the cinematic focal blurring on the background. My cheat was that it was the same background over and over again just blurred out with different streaks of sunlight. I'm glad it became a credit to the artwork and not a detriment.

Anyway, it's done, and I'm exhausted. Heading out for pizza and karaoke last night didn't help. I really wanted to party my ass off but I was just exhausted. As the clock ticked over and ushered in my birthday, everyone gave my sleepily delirious body huge hugs. On the way home KROQ just happened to be playing one of my favourite songs, "Change (in the house of flies)" by the Deftones (which is also my ringtone).

<- The tonal work. I especially love the bottom panel.

But let's talk Root and Branch part 2 page 3.

I really enjoyed this page of Sabine bringing it on big time. I really enjoyed the performance created by the synthesis of dialogue and images. I especially like Sabine's face here. It's very hard to draw a woman's face contorted in anger and not make her ugly or old. The simple formula is that the more lines you add to a woman's face the older and uglier you make her.

<- Basic colours.

I kept the flashbacks in black and white. I felt that the technique worked well for both the show and for the comic. It's very important to me that flashbacks are obviously flashbacks. I've seen too many artists and colourists just colour them the same. As a reader I get very confused. I figure if an experienced comic reader like me is getting confused, then other readers must be ready to grab a sawn off shot gun and go hit their local post office.

<- The effects added in. I love that the bullet wound to the knee looks really damn painful. We see gunshots all the time in media, it's so nice to find a refreshing power to them. Still a colour balance to do.

The flashback was also an opportunity to flip the camera 180 degrees and shoot stuff from the other direction. It was quite refreshing as an artist to do this. I got bored of being on one side, but there are very few times when you can flip the camera. A scene cut is a good time to do this.


'ROESian said...

Well, color me slow, but I hope ya had a happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

I used to know a guy named Jason from Melbourne...

I think I art-directed one of his first paying illustration jobs, directed him in a crap short film (not his bits - they were great)...

Must be a different guy, cause if THAT Jason had achieved the level of success and satisfaction indicated in this blog, we'll I'd have killed myself by now.

*That HBO feedback sounds real similar to the narrow focus comments that IP owners throw around in the video game industry.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Happy birthday, Jas! I can only guess by the look of your gorgeous, silky bronze skin that you just turned 26...27, maybe?

HBO is notorious for their absolutely brutal notes to producers & screenwriters -- comic book writers, too, apparently. I nearly choked on my tongue when I read how many days you had to complete the TRUE BLOOD book. As I've recently discovered while coloring pages for The Black Tower, when I really, really push myself and work all day & night with no breaks, except to shove a PB & J sandwhich down my throat, it still takes me 25-30 hours to color one page. It's just not humanly possible for me to go any faster, so I'm absolutely amazed that you were able to pull off this miracle.


Flawedprefect said...

hmmm... JB as Harry Potter/Golem? Not the "Rock" I know. THAT JB would be all like "RAAAAARRRR! Me Jason Badower!" *crashes through wood and wrenches metal. Ties cement into a neat bow and tosses it to his captors* "Puny Humans cannot hold me!"

But hey, when you're battling bugs, I guess those little critters get the best of us all... Good to hear you're still alive tho!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've just caught up with the last five or so posts, haven't been able to get online for ages, the horror, no more beautiful Badower art or blogs! I almost cried as I have had to wait almost an entire month to see the final part of Root and Branch!
Soooo amazingly beautiful. I really love the amber lighting you captured in the woodland setting. That kind of dappled lighting is so tricky, you did it perfectly - and I really love the out of focus "camera" work - do you think you might use this in work to come or is that getting too far away from the comic roots?
Adore all your work as always - Noo

Alexandre Togeiro said...

First of all, a late Happy Birthday to you Jason :)

I’ve stumbled upon your blog recently, and I have to say - instant favorite!

I really dig how you break down your art process and generously share it with us. The open way in which you talk about your personal life, difficulties with the art such as short deadlines etc, brings us readers very close to your experience in the studio. Its always an interesting read, and sometimes even perky and witty :)

Bottom line is - for an aspiring artist like me, you set a bar of hard work and quality which is truly inspiring. Best of luck for you!