Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey gang!

Promise I will hit you with heaps more posts, but it's been hectic leading up to San Diego Comic Con. I've been trying to get ahead of my pages so I don't have to stress so much when I get back from the con. That's meant little time for blogging.

These are my signing times at the Top Cow booth (booth number 2329):

FRIDAY 10am: For my new comic Zero G.

SATURDAY 11am: for the new Heresy cover I did.

Feel free to bring along any HEROES stuff you want me to sign or ask for any HEROES sketches.

If you can't make those times, drop me a note on the comments here, or even better email me at I will try and meet up with you at a time more convenient for both of us.

Just quickly, the first issue of True Blood will see a pre release at San Diego. I think it's going in all the show bags. It turned out as well as expected. I mean, 16 pages in 5 days was never going to be my best work. But it got done.

One of the things I suffered from was a lack of photo reference. I had two You Tube videos and a couple of costume photos to refer to. It just wasn't enough and my likenesses struggled.

For part 2, I contacted the actor who played Lamar and we did a photo shoot together. That combined with the easier timeframe (6 pages per week) means that True Blood 2 is looking absolutely beautiful.

Hope to see you at comic con!


'ROESian said...

Well, hope ya have fun at Comic-Con!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope it goes really well, all of us UK fans are wildly jealous of those lucky San Diego folk.

So great to see you've been straight into loads of really cool projects - we hope you get some time to tell us about them as well!