Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My computer is currently as bad as the monkey from Outbreak. I got some horrible virus that's stopping me from accessing the web. I'm writing this on a work computer which (obviously) doesn't have all my photos on it.

I'm about to go out and buy some antivirus software so I can start posting.

What really disappointed me is that a friend of mine told me that I probably got this virus from looking at too much porn. I feel cheated as I got this virus and no porn. I feel like I'm owed at least a gig or two from all the trouble this one has caused me. =(

Please bear with me. I have loads of photos, sketches and stories to tell.


Anonymous said...

..there's now a Jason Badower Fan Club on FB!!!
....all of your fans await your pics, stories and more with baited breath =)

Psimonic said...

Hey Jason

Sorry to here about the attack on your computer, you were only looking at that porn for visual reference weren't you?

Anyway, if you need virus protection try these ones:
Between them and Spybot nothing much gets through.

Besides that how're you doing, did you get the pdf I sent? Or did the virus beast eat it?

I understand if you're busy though, I've started the breakdowns and scripting for my comic book preview at college. Until now I did not know what a superhuman act it is to produce pages quickly... take care mate.

Flawedprefect said...

I used to use AVG back when I was still on Windows. Currently use Ubuntu Linux as my OS - TOTALLY virus free (Linux is totally secure). AVG is free, and does a bang up job.

I know you use Photoshop, so it's important to run windows. If interested, switching to Linux is an option now cos there's a little program called WINE which allows you to load up Photoshop CS3 no probs, and still use your Wacom and everything.

Oops - turned into an Open Source rant! BAN PAUL, THE SOCIALIST PIG of the comments boards NOW! lol.

Wish I was there at comic con. :(

Anonymous said...

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