Saturday, February 14, 2009

OUT OF TOWN page 5

I'm keeping it super-brief today. And I don't mean a pair of red underpants. Although, I do own a pair of those and I am keeping them.

I have waaa-aaaay too much to do to waffle on for hours and waxing lyrical about the war. "Waffle" for you Americans means to "go on about". Just a handy little Aussie Babel fish translation there.

I've also cut the side of my thumb and I think it's infected. And now it hurts every time I hit the spacebar. So every space between every word is a little spike of pain. I really wanna typelikethis.

So before I go get a bandaid and get this looked at. Some...


Sandra Bennet: Damn, I think my rendition of Ashley Crow is only second to my likenesses of Mr Muggles. Pretty damn happy with how she turned out.

panel 4: Early drafts had the lift door COVERED in some sort of bukkake of blood. If you don't know what a bukkake is... go hit google and take your safe filter off. I'm sure not gonna tell you. Either way we decided that it was too much.

Geography: I just couldn't figure out where Noah's office was in the house so I just put it next to the kitchen. I have a bad feeling that's the door to the living room. Yes, I've actually been in the set. No, I can't remember. It's not like I was free to roam around with a little tourist map.

NEXT: Monday: Page 6! Have a great weekend and wish me luck drawing. If you have someone to share Valentine's Day with that's fantastic. If not... go find someone. Anyone. You know how it is... Any hole's a goal.


Alexandre Togeiro said...

Hey, the use of solid black on this page really caught my attention. It gives such a volume to the chars. Very neat! The layout drafts are very interesting for themselves and of course to see how it turns out in the end (Mr Muggles got cut out from panel 2!). Scenario looks great too!

jasonb said...

Good spot! Mr Muggles did indeed get cut. I figured he had to run off and do something important like lick his own butt.