Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Hey! It's Monday (well only by another two hours) and here's Monday's posting! Just like I said it would be here. There's a god damn schedule here and I'm sticking to it! Two hours has to count, right? I mean, if you were standing by a bomb, would you rather have an two extra hours on it or not? What about sex? Would you rather have no sex or two hours of sex?

See? You can do a lot in two hours. But I'm neither defusing bombs, nor having sex. I'm writing a blog post. But the time I'm defusing a bomb, having sex and writing a blog post, you know I'm cooler than James Bond... And I mean any of them, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. And this blog would be a whole lot more interesting - but perhaps less about comics then. I think there's a bit in The Game (which is actually a wonderful self-help book for shy guys and like any tool can be used or abused) where he writes a bit while having sex and includes all the typos. My sex-bomb-defusing blog is gonna be like that. But more awesome.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. Superbowl came and went while I sat in my room drawing. I had parties and things to do (no really, I did. Actual real life human beings invited me to stuff), but such was not to be. Once again, it was Jas locked in his little "Harry Potter" cupboard under the stairs drawing away. In some sort of misguided attempt at self help, I tried to convince myself that *I'm* the "Lucky One" and I get to draw and create stories and have these amazing opportunities while everyone else has to be content with watching football. And when I can't hear the drunken, effusive cheers outside, I almost believe it.


Then I go back to crying.

Which is tough while you're drawing. I mean, it was tough when you did it by hand. You'd smear your ink or ruin the paper. But on a computer it's downright dangerous. Not quite as dangerous as defusing a bomb while having sex and blogging... but pretty damn dangerous. I mean, you could electrocute yourself! See? Drawing on the edge here people! Risking my life to bring you my art.

I guess someone should suffer for my art. Normally it's my models. Believe me, if you've ever been one you know what suffering is. Hell's gonna look like the day your internet went down after my attempts to immortalize you in digital ink.

For example, the model for this page had to get her kit off and pose in my shower for lots of photos. And I mean, LOTS... if you know what I mean. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* Say no more... say no more... if you know what I'm saying.

Ok, ok, I lie. That was the fantasy I had while drawing... pretending I had a model to work from. So apparently if I'm not crying while drawing, I'm hallucinating. But surely hallucinating about naked women in the shower is sort of normal...?

Yep, the rantings of a very sane man here. Feel free to back away slowly, and do remember to avoid eye contact. And no, you can't call 911 on someone just for reading their blog. Mental health services... maybe.

Warning... actual technical and semi-sound reasoning may follow...

The reason why the final picture differs from the layout is because there was no balance to the piece. I needed the two women (Tracy and Mills) to occupy the same amount of space and be similar proportions to suitably frame Ryan and really sell that "Stuck in the Middle" title.

I mean, god forbid that a story is actually aptly named!

NEXT: Stuck in the middle: Page 5. Also, my new HEROES story might go up tomorrow. So fingers crossed! But we have to finish Stuck in the Middle first. I'm sorry, but you can't have your dessert until you eat all your vegetables.

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Alexandre Togeiro said...

Ok, that was the funniest post you ever wrote! It got me chuckling all the way through reading it :P Maybe you can add stand up comedy to the bomb defusing, sex and blogging thing. The art is great, with Tracy likeness spot on - and Mills face is incredible! And yes I do like hands and watch for them in comics. Tracy´s hand there on her crossed arms stance is hard to do, but well done here! Coloring is great too, so kudos to Annette :)