Wednesday, February 04, 2009


There will be OUT OF TOWN (my latest HEROES graphic novel that you can find HERE) action tomorrow. I know I said Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but rules are for crossing guards and physics professors. On the outer edge of blogdom we cut it sideways, do dessert before main meals and open presents before we read birthday cards. Basically, I figured that not only am I crazy proud about OUT OF TOWN, but STUCK is now dead to me. I've been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. OUT OF TOWN is my new baby and STUCK has been dumped like yesterday's pinched loaf.

God forbid, I ever have kids. The headline would read, "Man's boredom leads to negligence and child manslaughter."

But, you know, I'm a child of the MTV generation and my attention span resides somewhere between a bee's dick and my sense of propriety.

So if this was a child, I would have left it on Jim Martin's doorstep in an old monitor box lined with packing material from comic books I bought on Amazon.

Let's wrap this up like Mills in a towel and move onto Claire, Noah, Mr Muggles, Sandra and Sylar.

As you can see, I actually stuck to my layouts for once. If you decide you care enough to wear out the scroll button on your mouse you can flick back and forwards to see I speak the truth. But the simple fact that I'm even trying to pose anything to you as "the truth" should be cause for concern, worry and in some cases paranoia. See your doctor if symptoms persist.

By about page 5 I'm usually pretty pleased with the likenesses I'm drawing. I take a bit of warming up (like an old car on a cold day), but you know, like a good pornstar, I get there eventually. I just find it hilarious that the story is usually over by the time I get my act together on the likenesses. Ok, maybe hilarious is a stretch. Mildly ironic is better, but in the Alanis Morisette sense.

NEXT: I'm planning on starting OUT OF TOWN tomorrow, and then going back to my regular schedule of Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays cos the outer edge of blogdom is just too hardcore for me. I prefer my blog regularity more softcore like a men's magazine. Any more of this crazy schedule and I'd have to shrink wrap this blog in plastic.


Tarot said...

I'm happy to read this whenever it comes out :)

Alexandre Togeiro said...

That page is VERY dynamic Jason!... The fall, Tracy's reaction, the running through the door viewed from a low angle... and the run into Mills are all superb. Great storytelling, really. Colors as usual rock, I can even see water on Mills shoulder/arm on panel five :) Love that attention to detail.

jasonb said...

tarot: thanks! And thanks for using my Claude's on your sigs on 9th Wonders. It means a lot!

alexandre: Oh, Annette is so great at that attention to detail! She makes the worlds I try and create so damn real.