Tuesday, June 05, 2007

HANA PART 2: Dos Dedos Mis Amigos!

This was again, another easy and fun page. My main effort was spent trying to adjust the colours so as we moved forward through each flashback the colours became more vibrant and familiar. Again the trick for the first three panels were to draw people of appropriate ethnicities. Drawing three totally different Jewish people was fun and interesting. I wish they were somebody as they would probably be nice portraits. I'm sure I could have used some friends or something and made some brownie-points while I was at it, but I guess there's a limit to even my gratuitous injokes and muti-tasking.

POSTER UPDATE: Sheindie has emailed me Greg Grunberg's manager's number and I gave her a call and spoke to her assistant. I've now got her email address and will send her an email moving this to the next stage. Sheindie has already done some groundwork and mentioned it might be "doable". Great work Sheindie! I've got an idea for a special thanks for you.

SUMMER COMICS: Regrettably I won't be working on any HEROES comics until August. Apparently the whole team has been pulled off as they've loaded up the big guns. Ahh well.


DrDx said...

Damn! Were going to be Jonesing all summer for a dose of the "Bad Hour." You'll have plenty of time to hone your new chops. Hope they lead off the next season with your talents. Keep up the superb work!!!

pngaou said...

They look like they should be real people!