Tuesday, June 19, 2007

HANA PART 2: Seventh Heaven

I've been listening to the enjoyable 3Heroes podcast as I draw. You can find the podcasts at:


One of the presenters, Emily commented that she enjoyed this comic more than the finale. I was really warmed by that. I really gave all that I could for this. She also made the comment that it was so good that it should have been on tv. And therein lies the trouble with the comics. The first thing I read about the comics on the posts is that they have to contribute to the tv series in some real way. The problem being, that if they contribute too much, they should be on the show itself! What a fine line these graphic novels have to walk.

My favourite 3Heroes presenter, Paul left a message on my artblog (flawedprefect) commenting also on how much he liked the art. I contacted Paul on his blog (barenaked hurley) and asked if I could help in any way. He asked me if he could interview me about HEROES and comics in general. Of course I said, "Yes" as it sounds like a load of fun. We're going to crank the nerdometer up to max there. You have been warned.

Ok, onto the page:

Boy this was a hard, hard page. Now I know one of the benefits of doing this as a comic book story is that there is effectively unlimited budget. But it just seems so weird to go so widescreen and extraordinary to the point of disbelief in this installment. This page especially suffers for it. I mean, first she cops a death-ray-like-computer virus beam, then she JUMPS ONTO THE SATELITE! My god. I wracked my brains for ages to make this fit into normal HEROES continuity. I mean, you would NEVER see this on an episode. I decided to try and play up Hana's pain and her sacrifice. I wanted panel 3 to let you know she is really dying. I mean, globlets of blood floating in her helmet? Eyes bleeding? You know it's bad.

I like the blurry star field in the background. It almost looks like a 70s sci fi movie.

GREG GRUNBERG: I managed to contact Greg's agent (thanks to Sheindie) and she contacted NBC. She informed me that NBC wish to hold onto the rights for the art for another upcoming auction they wish to do. So sorry you guys and Greg, I tried. =(

ONE YEAR: My blog turned 1 year old on may 22nd! It totally passed me by. I can't believe I've been artblogging for a year. 172 posts. That's blogging for 47% of the year. Not too bad. I did take a LOT of time off. But more importantly (to me) is that is 172 pieces of art I've posted or done in the last year. Now that's not bad at all for a guy who works full-time! I'm pretty proud of that.


AcidBurn133 said...

Hm, I think I just might have to check out this podcast, it sounds like fun :)
Heh, you know, I just thought of something funny - what if the explosion in Ep. 23 was really big because Peter crashed into the satellite, and, of course, charred Hana :S haha, ok, yeah, so that'll never happen.
Anywhoo, another awesome page. I love the technoy stuffs, again, and Hana's pose when she attacks the satellite is tops. You really get a sense of desperation in her face and in her actions. She's almost Lara Croft-ish, there. Only, I doubt Lara would have ever contracted a computer virus in space, lol.
That sucks about the auction idea, though. Really. I think they'd bring in just as much if they did sales of the prints as opposed to auctioning them off. As fan oriented as this franchise has been so far, the charity auctions are starting to push people out of the loop, imo. A lot of people would be able to afford a $20, hell, maybe even a $50 print for charity, but a several hundred or several thousand dollar piece? hah.

The Polsons said...

Heya, loving your blog posts as always. Thanks for the Podcast info, I didn't know about it. Can't wait for you to be on it! 8-)

I'm with acidburn -- I'm glad they're at least doing something with charity auctions, but it's only for the wealthy and cuts the rest of us out. A raffle would bring in probably the same amount, but everyone could afford to participate. But I know that's outta your control, mate.

delusions_of_grandeur said...

This page was one of my favorites. In some ways it reminded me of Dave's space walk in 2001:A Space Odyssey.

Sorry the Greg Grunberg thing didn't pan out. I'm glad they are using the artwork for charity, but it would've been nice if they didn't limit it to those with lots of disposable cash.

Oh, and happy anniversary to your artblog! :)

jasonb said...

acidburn133: Hahaha. As Paul mentioned on the 3Heroes (go for the ones with him in them - they're much better), Nathan would have had to fly them to Australia in a couple of seconds! LOL! I really hope the prints aren't that much. Your first figure was what I was thinking would be reasonable for charity.

polsons: I wish they'd just release prints that could be purchased online for $20. It's a bit dear, but it's for charity and doesn't make it exclusive.

delusions: That's what I was thinking! It's a bit 2001. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!