Thursday, June 14, 2007


Here's something to amuse you. Technically it's still artwork...

I was out Friday night having dinner with my favourite comic book writer, JAn. It was his going away party as he was heading off to London to live. My best friend, Alex was moving into JAn's house so the occasion was prepared for double festivities. JAn and I finished our meal, but it was a little... unsatisfying for two growing young lads. So we stopped off for pizza.
While we waited we ran into JAn's neighbour and the two chatted effusely. Meanwhile the pizza was delivered. While JAn and his neighbour chatted, I stared gobsmacked at the pizza box. JAn turned to me, "What's wrong with you?"
I held up the pizza box and said, "I think I drew this. No, I know I drew this!"

I'd drawn it about 4 years ago. If you look closely there's also a pizza on the box. Being a huge fan of photo reference I had bought a pizza for reference. Unfortunately it was getting late as I was drawing it, so I finished the picture off in the morning. I remember the note I got back from my art director, "The pizza looks a little stale."
I wished I could have whacked it into Photoshop and increased the "Succulent" filter. The correx was a little harder than that. It's pretty cool seeing your stuff around. Now if only there were some cute single chicks at the party I could have impressed...
Thanks Jel for taking and sending me the photo!


Anonymous said...

that's pretty funny. I always thought Damo should've pushed his "pizza man" character a bit further with pizza shops. I still remember a pinup you did for him with what could only be called 'schwarzenegger pizza man'.

Darren Close

Jellibat said...

your welcome ;]

curlymarie said...

That is the funniest story I've read all week! "The pizza looks a little stale...." :D Thanks for the laugh.

And it took me a second to recognize you in the photo! Your whole face changes when you smile; you look really different. (You know, different from that one picture on your profile, and your smirky comic version of yourself....)


AcidBurn133 said...

lmao, that is the absolute best!! I definitely had an 'lol' moment at that :)
And the pizza doesn't look stale, lol. How can a pizza look stale? Or, more importantly, how can a drawing of a pizza look stale? haha.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

And here I thought the image of a chubby Italian-looking chef with a beaming grin doing the "OK" sign with his hands was an old 1950s/60s generic stock photo cartoon that pizza places have been using all over the world for decades. ;)


The Polsons said...

Hahahaha! Glad to see you're still alive, even if your keyboard's not. ;-) And I agree with curlymarie, you look totally different, especially when you put that photo next to your stoic blog photo.

And art schmart, it's your blog, you can talk about whatever the hell you want. 8-)

Delusions_of_Grandeur said...

Go figure! You encounter your artwork on a pizza box (it *is* still artwork).

Sorry about the keyboard...I hope you can get a replacement soon.

(Mental note to myself: Don't drink and type, lest the same thing happen to my

jasonb said...

darren: I'm sure he could have milked it some how... Schwartznegger Pizza Man - lol! Nothing was too dark or too gritty for me back then.

Jel: =)

curly: I'm not actually pouty and stoic. I'm more as you see in this photo. That's me after about 6 days of not shaving too. Pathetic isn't it?

acidburn: I asked all those questions myself! How the hell do I make it less stale?!

KJC: Oh yeah, my mate Hiro rocked up and he took the picture back in time to 1952 and sold it then. Really nice of him.

polsons: I prefer to talk about my art. I don't think my life is generally that interesting that people want to know about it. But it seems people are interested in my art.

delusions: I'm glad they were able to sell it to the client! You should be ok, as long as you're not chronically clumsy like me. =)

Gutter Monkey said...

Holy shit, the number of times I've eaten pizzas out of boxes with that design ...