Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, I’m two and a half pages in and it’s Tuesday. Annette needs page 5 (the final page) by Thursday lunchtime.

It’s gonna be close. Bloody close.

I started so late! I had so much research to do (I will explain more when I post the art in black and white well after it’s been posted at NBC).

On the good side, my close friends who I’ve shown the art to have all been able to guess who everyone is by the likenesses. A 100% hit rate so far. And just so you know, they haven’t even seen the script! They just saw the art and having watched the show knew who everybody was... And one (totally out-there) clue is that we haven't even met one of the people and they STILL knew who it was!

The confirmation of their identities is at the end of part 4, though. So stay frosty. Until it is confirmed in the actual comic, my lips are sealed.

I just got the script for part 4. It's a great story!

ps In the meantime, I'm fighting against the universe on this one. My drawing hand has been in the wars. Two cuts under the nail on my pointer finger (same place - and not just the first cut reopening - a brand new cut) is making drawing pretty painful. Then I poured burning water on the same finger. It's just going... great. =)


Kelly J. Compeau said...

LOL! You're drawing so hard and so fast, your fingers are bleeding? Now that's dedication to your craft!

RyanGibsonStewart said...


Wow, I'm excited to see a war novel (um, two war novels) from you. Your art is so ... clean. And you've definitely got my interest piqued until Monday night. Thanks!


THE Bald Bob said...

Keep up the great work. Love your stuff.

jasonb said...

Kelly: Hahhaha! No pain no comics!

Ryan: Great call. I wasn't asked to do that arc cos my art was considered too clean. I've done what I can with the deadline riding my back... But I'm not a dirty nor gritty artist.

Bob: Thanks, mate! Hope you enjoy the upcoming comic!

John said...

It's great to read we'll get confirmation about the identities by the end of WB 4. Your art is great, especially in Road Kill!


Leshia Doucet said...


Loved your art on Road Kill, it's my favourite of all the Heroes graphic novels, mostly due to the attention to detail paid. Super excited that you're doing some more! (too bad there's no Sylar in this one though, loved your take on him so very very much). Pretty sure I know who Austin and Dallas are, I can't wait to see how you draw them! That girl totally has super plant-growing powers.

Can't wait to see the finished products!


jasonb said...

John: Thanks!

Leshia: SSSHHH!!! Be vewy, vewy quiet. You're gonna get me in trouble! ;)

THE Bald Bob said...

Wow, amazing job on War Buddies Part 4. I would imagine I would be one of the seemingly thousands who will note a likeness of Austin to a certain character (and how Dallas resembles another much younger character). Awesome job.

Sarah said...

Oh my God, Jason, AWESOME.

I was reading that and going, "Wow, I like this comic more than Road Kill!" and then realized you were the one who did the artwork. XD

AWESOME work, man. LOVED it.

-- Sarah (aka Begemot Geroi from the 9thwonders forums)