Sunday, March 18, 2007

ZERO-G PREVIEW COVER - unused design 1

Sorry I've been so AWOL. It was Ryan's recent comment that spurred me into blogging action. The reason why I haven't been posting is that I thought that I'd simply run out of stuff to post! But then I remembered this piece. This is just one of the many "sketches" I did for it.

To promote Zero-G for the upcoming convention period, it was decided to release a preview book. The book would contain the first ten pages of art, an interview with writer Alex Zamm and another with myself. It would then be rounded up with a bunch of design sketches of aliens and suits.

The preview book would feature an original cover and back cover. I thought I'd take you through the process of how we put together both covers in (again) next to no time at all.

First up, I consider the cover to be the visually most important part of the book. I wanted something that looked like a movie poster rather than a comic book cover and couldn't get this sort of letterbox out of my head (even though movie posters don't have that - go figure). Alex Zamm (the writer) threw ideas at me like the classic Star Wars posters. Huge montages of drama and action with looming figures in the background.

I wanted to explore the relationship between Atom and Evelyn and allude to that on the cover of the book. The deadline (as usual) was oppressive. I was so taken with the idea that I began drawing immediately. I mean, look at it (I thought)! How could you not like this?!

To help sell my idea I finished off the main figures (instead of leaving them as sketches). The main figures are original art and I just cut and pasted a bunch of heads and stuff into the background to give my editor, art director and Alex Zamm an idea of where I was going.

How could I be so wrong?

Alex's comments were the most accurate. He didn't want to give away the relationship between Atom and Evelyn too soon. He also requested space suits and alien weaponry to give it a visual kick.

I looked up at the clock and grimaced. But I knew he was right.

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