Monday, March 19, 2007

ZERO-G PREVIEW COVER - unused design 2

So Alex's feedback asked for space suits, alien weaponry and more of a focus on the asteroid and the monster. Unfortunately I hadn't really designed a lot of this!

I basically separated the figures from the previous design and suited them up. I had very little idea what to clothe Evelyn in, but I made do building on some sketches I had found from ages ago.

The weapons were also a nightmare. I drew them again and again and again. I think I eventually chucked on some Tool and just zoned out and let my hand move. I wanted something alien, something slightly techno-organic, but not Geiger looking. I love Geiger, but it's so done to death. I wanted weapons that defied logic but looked lethal. I was pretty happy with the final design.

My cute little touch was to give Evelyn the bigger weapon. Atom's kinda useless, and if there were two guns there, he'd definitely chuck her the bigger one. I'm so sick of the guy having the BIG FRAKKING GUN and the girl having the tiny little pistol. It would be very much reversed in this case.

I also removed some of Atom's torso armour to give him more form. I didn't want him to look like a big puffy armoured guy. I wanted a leaner, athletic feel to him.

Anyway, proud as pudding I sent this off expecting the sign off. How ignorant I was...


RyanGibsonStewart said...


Enjoyed your last two posts ... As always, you give unabashed insight into your process. If only more artists could do the same... :)


jasonb said...

I'm glad you enjoy the process, Ryan! I find that there is a huge overlap of creative thought that can be shared between all mediums.

I hope that my floundering can be informative and entertaining. I'm always fascinated by the artistic decisions that people make and I love to know why things are the way they are.