Thursday, March 29, 2007

HEROES: Part one done

As the subject line, at 12:00pm today I finished the first part. Annette needed the artwork by 5pm at the latest to start colouring on so she could make the final deadline. I unfortunately started work at 1:00pm. So it had to be done by then.

Now... Onto part 4. The final part.

The skinny:

1. It's six pages.

2. I get to draw Hana (yay!). Hey, does anyone know the actress' name?

3. (As I mentioned) you get confirmation on who Dallas and Austin are. I'm fascinated to see the discussion once it's revealed.

4. You get to see a location that's being featured in the next few episodes.

I've said too much! I must be silenced!


RyanGibsonStewart said...


Congrats on meeting the deadline. I'm sure you wish you could just focus on the art, and not have to worry about deadlines, but ... c'est la vie.

Hana Gitelman is played by Stana Katic. A bit of trivia -- Hana has been in more of the Heroes graphic novels than any other character. She has also, of course, been drawn by more artists than any other character. (You will be adding to that statistic, obviously.)

A few other notes:
* Hana has the mark on her neck.
* She applied to work for the Israeli Defense Forces, but instead did intelligence work for the Mossad.
* She was seen smoking in Wireless, Part 1, her debut.
* According to her MySpace page, she is 27 years old.
* She is one tough broad.
* She is smokin' hot.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

Monday night can't come soon enough.


jasonb said...

That's awesome Ryan! thank you.

Any chance you had the link to that Myspace page handy? Also, do you have a Heroes wiki link to her with any photo images?

FrenchFlo said...

Hi Jason, here is the Hana MySpace page : Hana's MySpace page.
I made a page including I hope, every picture we have of Hana, Check out here!

Glad to help, See ya from France! :)

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Sure 'nuff...

I think somebody may have already posted this, but anyway ... Her MySpace is pretty, um, dull ... but it's maintained by NBC, so I suppose that holds some weight. The link is

One of our users made a page with a bunch of Hana images -- I'm going to add some more to help you out ... but the link is

Anything to help. I'll be in touch.

THE Bald Bob said...

Congrats on hitting your mark. Looking forward to seeing your take on known characters. Your likeness to Zane and Sylar was great, so I'd imagine you won't disappoint. I saw on the last post they originally didn't want you to draw it because you're too "clean", but maybe that's why since you're great at drawing real people. Looking forward to the two episodes. Keep up the good work.

leshia doucet said...

Excellent! Here's hoping for the best-drawn Hana (since Phil Jimenez, at least) yet!


jasonb said...

YOu guys are the BEST!!!

Omg, thank you so much for saving me so much research work.

God... Phil Jiminez. I totally forgot he drew her. I met him at a Sydney convention once, and he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I'm sure I have a blog post about him somewhere. It was quite a funny story.

snicker01 said...

When do we find out who Dallas and Austin are I just read part 4 and didn't find it

jasonb said...

Hey Snicker, I PROMISE you will find out in the next part.

I have the script... and the names are there.

Be patient. One more week young grasshopper!

Ryangibsonstewart said...


Jason is calling the one that comes out next week "Part 4" because it'll be the fourth Vietnam-set novel. The one that you read is what Jason is calling "Part 3". It's kind of confusing because NBC is calling the last one (where Au Co raises the plants) Part 4, and the next one (when Linderman, I mean Austin's identity will be revealed) is being called Part 5. They're counting that one with Hana's hookup as Part 1.

It boils down to this: We'll learn who Mr. Petrelli, I mean Dallas is in the next issue. :)


DayziJ said...

Stana Katic is the actress who plays Hana on the show's real name. Here is a link to a picture of her as Hana
Hope that helps! Keep up the excellent work!