Thursday, March 22, 2007

ZERO-G PREVIEW COVER - design 3 coloured!

Here is the cover with Annette's magic touch.

She's used a base purple pallette and highlighted the main chracters with the orange from the plasma guns. The choice of orange both helps separate them from the background and creates an extra level of depth on them as orange is the diametric opposite to purple on the colour spectrum (insert technical term there - I can't remember it). When the two are placed skillfully together (like this) it can create an extra level of solidity to the form.

You can see the guns taking more shape here, and Annette has done a job that would leave Lucasfilm drooling.

The shuttle and wyrm are just superb. I love the way she faded the wyrm into the space/background (rather than black) giving it a far more mysterious and epic scale than the initial drawing implied.

Alex still maintains that the asteroid isn't a large enough design feature and I agree with him. Unfortunately the clock ran out on this side of the process. Next came the Zero G logo.

LATEST NEWS: You know how I mentioned that I wouldn't be getting anymore HEROES work until the 4 part story arc was done? Well I contacted Frank (the Heroes editor at Aspen) and asked how things were going. Apparently my timing was perfect again. He told me that artist had just pulled out and he desperately needed an artist to step in for the last two parts of the Vietnam flashback story. Seriously, I don't know why he just doesn't ask me in the first place. =)

So, I get to find out who Dallas and Austin are. I guarantee you their identities won't be parting my lips... It's more than my job's worth.


David said...

There's something about orange and blue. Going through my illustration folio I keep finding picture after picture where I've gone with huge swathes of orange and blue (aside from where I've gone with black and white). Makes it hard to show range when all your art is coloured the same...

Kelly J. Compeau said...

The Zero G Cover: Awesome!

More 'Heroes' Work: Awesomer!


RyanGibsonStewart said...


Thanks for showing each step of the process. Very insightful, as always.

Looking forward to the next Heroes graphic novel you're going to do. It seems like you get the "big" reveals, eh?


jasonb said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited. And the deadline is pretty tight. I don't know how much posting I can do.

In the meantime. I know who Dallas and Austin are. My only clue is that I'm going to try and allude to who they are with some closer likenesses than are currently being drawn. That's not to say that either of them are anyone you know or have seen.

Confused? =)

Let's just say that I'm reeling from the implications.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Oh, you tease!

CurlyMarie said...

Hooray! I can't wait to see your versions of Dallas and Austin and start guessing. :)

Thanks again for sharing your process with us. It's fascinating to see how things come together.

L'editor said...

I must say the Zero-g preview cover ROCKS. And heroe's work... I can't wait to read the novel tomorrow morning.

One little issue about the zero's cover. In the b&w drawing one can clearly see that the alien's claws are over that kind of meteor or asteroid rock or part of the alien itself...

but then in the colored version you can't see this claws because in fact the glow of that rock makes it come upfront leaving the claws behind... like a change of "layers" ("planos" in spanish, can't find the right word in english... sorry =) )

I just felt like pointing this out, though maybe it was intentional.

Whatever, great work yours... I send you a big applause from Argentina!

jasonb said...

l'editor: great spot! (And your english is fine, by the way.) Alex Zamm the writer, wanted the asteroid to be more prominent. Because I couldn't move it (it would ruin the composition - and we didn't have time to redraw it) we opted to let Annette try and highlight it with a glow that would spotlight it more. Hence it appearing to be in front of the claws.