Wednesday, March 21, 2007


With bated breath I waited for the response to the sketch. In the meantime I had no time to lose. I pressed on with the cover. This time I felt more certain that what I was doing coincided with what needed to be done. The figures were dynamic and their outfits screamed sci fi. The shuttle was prominently displayed. The alien worm/wyrm was huge and foreboding. The asteroid itself (though small) was centre aligned. The composition was strong and I was confident that I had overlaid objects of a high variety of colour on top of each other to help separate the different layers in the picture.

The email came back and confirmed it. Everyone loved it. The only call was from Alex who wanted the asteroid to be bigger and more prevalent. As he put it, "The asteroid is our Haunted House in our Haunted House Movie. If we don't highlight it, then we lose our main plot point and reason for being there."

While I agreed whole heartedly with him, I was beyond the point of no return. It was wednesday and the artwork had to be handed in by friday. Annette still needed time to colour it. So I passed it onto Annette with notes to try and highlight the asteroid more.

Under the pump, Annette began to wave her magic wand...

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