Sunday, May 21, 2006

INNOCENTS COVER TAKE 2 part 3: Annette is a genius

Right, so you know you're living in 2006 when a dvd night consists of guys bringing around dvds of stuff they found off the web, whacking it in a lap top and hooking it up to your tv.

Treated to everything from Robot Chicken, Vin Diesel interviews, Japanese Spiderman, My Name Is Earl, John Saffran: Mster Chef, the Global Frequency pilot (some of the best cinematography I've seen - my comics need to look like that! And why the hell didn't this get picked up?!!). Didn't get around to the pro-wrestling (Ring of Honour 2005 Samoa Joe vs some talented Japanese dude).

Finish time: 7am when Scott Stuart finally declares a ceasefire on my toilet and we bundle his comatose and vodka soaked form on my couch - bucket included.

7am. Yeah. I'm an idiot.

3pm I'm having breakfast with the guys when I get a sms from Annette that she's done with the image! Ok, get this. I uploaded it 3pm the day before. She mentioned she wouldn't get to it til that night. 24 hours later THIS arrives.

To say I'm not worthy of Annette Kwok is a statement whose basis in being obvious is only rivalled by fellow statements such as, "Jason is an idiot." and "Scott drank too much."

Now you guys probably can't see it completely but the texture on the jeans and the mesh top is incredible. Scroll up and down so you can see what I did and what she did.

I suggested she take a look at Ex Machina and look how the colourist there seems to colour the linework. I have no idea how they do that. Everytime I've tried that it ends up looking like Scott's weapons of mass destruction against my porcelain throne. She took that on board and blew it out of a cannon. The skin and hair are textured to the point of photographic. Anyway. As the name of this blog says, "A picture says..."

Cut to now. 545pm on sunday afternoon. I've been blogging for the last hour or so wasting time. (Got an email from a friend who is in LA at the moment at E3. He's started a blog to chronicle his endeavours. I had to sign up to post my stupid comment, and now here we are.)

I have 4 Harajuku girls to draw, a cover to design and a Mazda ad featuring 2 new characters and Aphrodite IX and Witchblade all hanging around an RX8. I'm pumped I finally get to draw some Top Cow characters... but oh God. Look at the time...


simbo said...

Hey Jase, you're an idiot.

Awesome stuff! That girl is incredible!! I wanna read that comic, wherever it is.

I tried skateboarding with a katana once; it ended badly. As I ollied I stretched my arms to balance - sliced someone's letter box, let down six cars' tyres and burst a fire hydrant.

jasonb said...


Man, it's like you READ the first issue! It's series of hillarious hijinks involving rollerblading with a katana.

Yeah. I'm an idiot.

G said...

Hey Jase!

Great to see and hear about what you've been up to! belated congrats with the whole Top Cow / Spacedog gig, that sounds awesome!!

The Innocents cover looks fantastic. And Annette's colouring is truly amazing, I esp love the realistic face.

jasonb said...

Thanks so much Gary!

That's one serious blog you have going there. Gimme some time to trawl through it before I get back to you.

Annette is my (not-so) secret weapon.