Monday, May 22, 2006

MAZDA preview part 2

Right, so the weekend of hell and fun is over. The Mazda piece spilt over to this morning.

But they needed it monday morning!

LA time! Ka-ching! All emailed and it's 9:30pm sunday night over there. WAAAAY ahead of schedule yet again.

So here are the last two figures. I left them cropped so you can actually see them. That's Zoe from REVVED and Aphrodite IX with the huge boobs in the background. I also left them cropped so when you see Annette's colouring it will further knock your socks off.

So it's on their desk for approvals. Tonight Harajuku girls for the cover. I will upload them individually as they get done. Can't wait to do this cover. There's nothing more enjoyable than working when you have a really solid vision of what you want.

But right now, I have Body United work to do. Have to rewrite our curriculum yet again (constantly evolving and improving) and finish off our diet supplement. Got all this great info from our dietician but it's a little sterile and it's all like, "FATS: How to reduce fats in your diet."

I'm trying to make it a bit funnier ("Oh god," I hear from the audience) and a bit more relevant to people's lifestyles. So it's got headings like "SHOPPING: How to shop healthier etc."

If anyone is really curious to see it when it's done I can email it to you.

Off to training tonight! Let's find out if I have a congested chest or another chest infection! Can't wait!

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