Wednesday, May 31, 2006

PLAYSTATION part 2 page 2

Righteo, page 2. Here's where I really got to have some fun. It was just injoke, injoke, injoke for me. Ok, so panel by panel:

panel 4: That's Isocoles jailed on the newspaper.

panel 5 & 6: Abbey road pisstake poster.

panel 7: JAn wrote "Triangle punching out a photographer." I drew in the my favourite photographer... Jimmy Olsen.

panel 7 (cont): That's Miss Enneadecagon advertised as a stripper in the background. Looks like after the "Fifth Button Special" she resorted to her other talents.

panel 7 (cont): I don't usually annotate JAn's script, but cos this was pretty contemporary at the time I will. It's a dig at Russell Crowe's best actor poem being cut out of the Academy awards/Oscars (whatever!).

panel 10: Lennon. Continuing the Beatles metaphor.

Stay tune for page 3 where it all wraps up and contains my favourite line!

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