Monday, May 22, 2006

MAZDA preview

There's a book coming out from Top Cow written by David Wohl and drawn by David Nakayama. It's called Revved. It has a clever tie-in with Mazda and specifically their RX-8. It's closest cousin would be the BMW films, both advertising and story in one.

As part of the relationship there's a Mazda RX-8 ad that's going to be featured in every Top Cow comic. The concept is a bunch of Top Cow characters all hanging out and around the Mazda RX-8. David Wohl contacted me about doing the ad, and I was pretty damn excited. Was? Yeah, at 3:07am excitement has been worn away to exhaustion.

But this is the first time I get to officially draw Witchblade and Aphrodite IX!!!

So my idea was to actually use a photo of the car and have the characters interact with it Gorillaz-style. Here's a preview of the artwork. That's Jack from Revved charmingly convincing Sara Pezzini (aka Witchblade) to go for a ride. I have only done the linework for Zoe (another Revved character) and Aphrodite IX who are off to the right. When they are toned I will upload them too. What's interesting is that Witchblade took as much time to draw as the other three. The Witchblade armour is a NIGHTMARE to draw. It looks great, but oh man! I've figured out the armour's secret power. It's a chronological vacuum. It just sucks up the time of whoever is trying to draw the damn thing. Otherwise I'm very happy with her. She looks sexy, mature and unique. And man, what abs!

Yeah, I know there are no shadows on the ground. Why? The entire background has to be redrawn/or redone. So no shadows yet.

Not a bad nights work given that I seemed to spend most of it on Skype chatting to my sister in England (Hi Lin!). Listening to the Dark Tower by Stephen King (Audio books! My new friends!) and really quite enjoying it when they skipped about an hour (at least). Was really hard to follow after that.

Right now I've booked a coma with my bed.


Andy said...

Nice piece Jas! Needs shadows though! :P
Hey, the car I had witchblade getting out of in the pages I took to Sydney last year was an RX8 too! coincidence... or am I just a trendsetter?

killeroo said...

ah. comics + mazda RX8. how I remember that combo... ;)

jasonb said...

Man, it's scynchronicity city. Yeah they're really pushing the comics angle with that car aren't they?

And you're both just trendsetters.

You and Brian Singer. =)