Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 3 page 1

I think I got the script Thursday. I smashed out some layouts and began to do my research.

I had three challenges: likenesses, researching Nam and the previous story.

I can’t talk about the likenesses. My only clue is that they are both based on visual reference.

As for Nam, I really didn’t know much about the war except for a bunch of movies I’d seen a very long time ago. So I went to the video store, and there was Platoon on dvd on special for AUS$7 (about US$3), so I was pretty happy about that. I also picked up another movie for reference, but I can’t disclose what it was (no, not that sort of movie!). Friday night was spent watching Platoon and doing video capture reference. I wanted a bunch of frames of huts, guns, uniforms, Vietnamese villagers, jungle, vegetables and likenesses. I figured if I had this on hand, then I could move faster once I started drawing.

Obviously this is a follow-on from the previous story. I had to consider what the other artists had done. Annette also had to fall in line to make it look visually similar. She had to limit her palette to the choices that the previous colourist had made. I personally felt that the choices that the previous colourist made didn’t suit my artwork. I felt that it all looked a little... cheap and a little flouro. But our hands were tied. Annette still did a stunning job regardless.

I’m particularly fond of this first page. It’s quite detailed. I really enjoy setting the scene for the first time. Anytime we go somewhere new, I like to try and explore the area and make it as rich as possible (deadline and time permitting). In this case, I was really trying to make my mark here. I’m a little competitive and while the previous artist had done a decent job, I really wanted to knock it out of the park.

I also like my take on the girl. She’s supposed to be about 10 years old. With no models available, I modelled for her. Given that I’m 6’1 and 92kg (a little over 200lbs) I thought I made a stunning 10 year old girl. =)

A friend commented that he really liked panel 3 because of the poise of the girl and the guard to her left (the one smoking). He said he just really liked the performance. I tend to pose for background characters myself. I find that when you’re acting for a comic, it’s like being onstage; everything has to be big. Performances have to be a little larger than life to communicate the emotion of the scene. It’s actually a very hard skill to teach my models.

So… have you figured out who Dallas and Austin are yet?

I apologise, I will discuss the story more when the final part is up. I can't expose the truth here. It just wouldn't be right.

What I am interested about... Is that my script actually has the unblackened out letters! I wonder if I can post them?

ps. Huge apologies about Dallas and Austin's watch. Neither myself, Annette nor our editor picked that up. I was so rushed, that it slipped straight past me. I'm normally great at that stuff.


Leshia Doucet said...

Heh, I was totally right. The first page is my favourite, but now I'm doubly curious about the blacked out bits. I mean, it's not like we don't know what they're saying, right?

Can't wait for the next one, especially the part with a 'location that's being featured in the next few episodes'. That's got me intrigued.


More said...

Sorry I had to call you on the watches. Never underestimate the geekness of your readers ;) Otherwise great work !

To bad you didn't have a card-blanche . I liked the look of previous novels where another artist did the next week. Ah well, there will probably be a lot more chances.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

I felt that it all looked a little... cheap and a little flouro.

As I was reading through the comic, I was wondering why the palette looked so...limited. Annette's works is usually much more vibrant. Now I know why. You both still did an awesome job, though!


Anonymous said...

Jason, I have a question about Dallas that doesn't concern his identity, so I hope you can answer it (if not, just say so, it's totally okay): Were you given a specific age for the character?


- pearl

RyanGibsonStewart said...

So, did you enjoy watching A Clockwork Orange? heh heh.

Great job on the piece. I can't imagine the challenges of taking over after somebody else's work. I kinda liked the colors of the last novel, but you're right, they were much more suited to Adam Archer (the previous artist) than to your work. Nice details, though. To be honest, when I saw the first page, it was like when I got glasses years ago -- everything was familiar, but so much more detailed.

Well done. How are your fingers? :)


PS - Down with censorship!

jemiah said...

I think you did a good job - I have to say I'd probably prefer it as just line art, because I find the colors to be distracting. (Not your fault or the colorist's fault at all - I just hate reading comics on the computer, really). I don't know whether its my monitor or what, but some of the caption boxes are eye-bleedingly challenging to read...

Nice one, though.

ryangibsonstewart said...

Yeah, but that scene when the C4 explodes -- that was out of this world. Annette should be commended on that one!


Lee said...

It's interesting to see the more 'muted' palette as a result of the earlier issue restrictions. Whilst it's still obviously your art and Annette's colours it has a different flavour to it from the earlier Sylar story. I think it works, both to show it as a separate story/chapter and the fact that the majority of it is set in the past.
Like you've said, each new project is a chance to experiment a little so hopefully future Heroes projects gives you and Annette both the chance to 'play' a bit more.
In comparison to the other comics its your attention to detail and Annette’s added depth in colouring that set your issues apart from the others.

Bram said...

Hello. I just want to say that you've done an awesome job and it's a pleasure to visit your blog. I really enjoy your artwork and my friends do as well. I'm interested to read the next chapter and see what you've drawn.


jasonb said...

leshia: I will deal with the blacked out bits in the next post. Glad you like it! The next one's a kicker!

more: hey man, I'm a geek too! Annette and I were chuckling that we do the same to other stuff. Hell, you saved the next installment. I forgot all their watches and had to go back and redraw them all! =)

KJC: Thanks so much! But as Ryan noted, didn't Annette knock it out of the park with the splash page though?

Anonymous: I was not told how old Dallas was. I was told who he was and did the math from there. Wish I could be less cryptic.

RYAN: The glasses comment is one of the nicest things anyone has said about my art. Thank you.

Jemiah: Well, I'm posting all the art here in black and white, so enjoy! No word balloons though. =(

LEE: Thanks man. It's my passion for the project that fuels me. My passion is in all the details. I'm just trying to do justice to the show.

BRAM: Thanks buddy! Stick around! The revelations next episode are gonna knock your socks off.

CurlyMarie said...

It was really interesting to read about how you created the poses for various characters. (And the fact that you posed for the picture of the 10-year-old girl!) I'm fascinated by the fact that you referred to the poses as "performances." I would never have thought of it that way. But I'm an actor, so the use of that word just gave me an unexpected entree into the comic book world--it connects with a different part of my brain. This is a shift in perspective that will change the way I read comics.

On a totally different subject, I thought it was kind of funny that your style had been called "too clean" for this storyline, so you combatted that by covering everything and everybody in mud! ;)

Looking forward to the next blog post and the next issue.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous: I was not told how old Dallas was. I was told who he was and did the math from there. Wish I could be less cryptic."

thank you for answering. I have a pretty good idea who Dallas is, but would have pecked him as somewhat younger than you did. Great resemblance though. Keep up the good work!