Thursday, January 10, 2008


Apology post. I'm on dial up at my parents (the pain!), and my external hdd fell on the ground and now it won't read for me or any of my tech savvy friends. I've taken it to a special data recovery place and I'm waiting with bated breath for the results...

See the rest of you tomorrow night at Cartel. No dress code. No booking. One big room, just rock up and find me and I will introduce you to some fun people.


Lilithia {Stef} said...

This post makes me laugh, but I'll tell you why later.

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Dial-up...SUCKS! I spent the Christmas vacation at my in-laws...believe me, I know.

How are you, Jas! How's the big move?


Anonymous said...

man...wish I was there... what a cool 'going away' blast you're having...we'll all be there in spirit :) ron

Kelly J. Compeau said...

It "fell on the ground"?

You mean, you dropped it. ;-)


leper messiah said...


Ok, before any of you continue, I must warn you that this post is about Jase. Nothing about his art in any way. So if you're not interested... stop reading.............. now.

Ok, now that it's just you and me Jase, I had to say a few words after the weekend we've just had. Sure it's been a while since I've done two nights in a row getting home at 7am, but... my god. How much fun did we have???

So, I wanted to leave you a little something to remember us by.... you're "dead to us".

No wait, that's not it.

Look, here's the thing mate. You are the pinacle of human excellence. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I've travelled the world, and come to know a great many people. And I've come to see the good and the bad in a lot of people. As such, I've chosen every single one of my friends carefully and with good reason. You my friend, are what I aspire to be. Always giving, always happy to help out someone or just to be there to fuck around if needed. You wear your heart on the outside which, as much as I love it, is entirely too rare in people these days. Your love for your friends and for what you do makes your world complete, and that is the most beautiful thing possible.

I just want you to remember one thing from this weekend. The amount of people that turned up to wish you well (but secretly inside were hoping you never had to leave). The people that although friday night broke them like an Antonican Jboots run with Yvete, would not have missed saturday night for anything. Just remember the people who were there and those that were there in spirit. We all wish you the best of luck, not that you need it, but we are all going to miss you horribly.

You are a god among men mate, and the best thing is you have no idea. LA will thrive just from you being there. The rewards of what you have worked so hard for will come to you, I have no doubt.

You are a shining example that although the world can be a mundane and depressing place, there are these bright beacons of light which make it worth saving. I will always treasure the memories I have: from the Deftones gig; curries at Simbo's with all of Team Clusterfuck (tm); DV8 nights such as last night; the nights of Wii and Guitar Hero; the endless irrepairable damage to my liver; the list goes on mate.

I'll miss you greatly mate. I'll be there somethime midyear to check up on you, and until then I have reminders of you on the wall. I'm sorry again I didn't video that dance last night. ;) Love you dearly mate. Take care and may the gods of Cobalt shine over you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, Kate here. Thanks for the card, will keep an eye on your blog from now on! Hope the move goes smoothly and give all my love to Caz and Jan. Was great to mix it up on the dance floor with you at DV8. Speak soon.


The Badowers said...

Hi Brettles! You're my Batman... and I'm your Robin! Not sure if Jas told you about that one, if he didn't then that's gonna sound really weird. Anyway, how are you?

Okay, wow! Brett you just summed that up so, so well. Even I had a tear in my eye ;(

Well, seeings as Brett has turned this into a soppy goodbye thread, I have decided that I shall continue, so...

When a man's heart is full of deceit it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse, a wrong that must be righted. We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black heart of the same man who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows comes the Dark Warrior, the purveyor of good, with a voice of silence, and a mission of justice. This is Jason!

Okay, that's not exactly what I was gonna say, but you gotta admit the dramatic build up was well worth it. :D

Now onto the real thing...

I agree with everything Brett said about you Jas, you are one incredible human being indeed. You have the biggest heart, seriously! Rememeber when we were talking about Eddie, on Saturday, and I told you that his heart was three times the size; well I believe that your heart is double that! Figuratively speaking, of course. You just care so much and love everything so much, it's amazing!

You're a kind, kind man and a very passionate, hard working and amazingly talented person.

I consider you to be a very good friend of mine, Jas, even though I have only known you for a short amount of time. And I know my sisters feel the same way. But that's just it, Jason, you have that kind of effect on people. When I met some of your friends over the weekend, I asked them how long they had known you for. I expected to hear around 5 or 10 years or something like that, but what I was told came as a bit of a shock, as most said 2 or 3 years. But when I think about it, it isn't really a shock at all, cause as I said, that's just who you are. You embrace people no matter who they are.

"The amount of people that turned up to wish you well (but secretly inside were hoping you never had to leave)." What Brett said there was so true. I didn't want to be anywhere else, but to be there to bid you farewell, but at the same time, I never really wanted you to go in the first place. But, we all know it's for the best... for your job.... for your one true love.

My sisters and I would just like to wish you again all the very best with everything in LA. You don't need it, cause we all know you have the talent to kick ass over there, but best of luck anyway, my friend.

As I've said before, you're a wonderful person, Jason, don't let hollywood change you. That place has fucked up some pretty great people and I would hate to see it happen to you. But, I highly doubt that will happen, as you don't seem the type to fall into the hollywood pit of lost causes.

Good luck with absolutely everything you do, Jas! Everyone's gonna miss you deeply over here, but we all know there is so much good Super-Jas can do over there. So, do what you do best, go out there do what you love most, spread the love and make people happy. Make us proud, Jas!

Take care, don't work too hard and look after yourself.

Lots Of Love,

P.S. I'll do my best to fulfil your request.

jasonb said...

Stef: You sadistic creature! How can you laugh?!

Ryan: When i go to hell, all they have there is dial up.

Sheindie: ah man, def there in spirit!

kjc: i am the single clumsiest person I know. I'm the bane of my own existence.

leper: brettles. wow. just. wow. not the online timesink, but wow as in omg thank you. Whenever I'm feeling down I'm coming to read this. Whenever I'm missing you guys, I better leave it alone or I'm gonna drown my keyboard in tears and spilt vodka.

fuxy: catching up with JAn tomorrow, I will pass on the regards. Mix it up? Tear it up more likely! Where'd you learn to dance like that, girl?

Siobhan: thank you so much. The out-pouring of support from you and your sisters has been unbelievable and inspirational. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me and I hope karma comes back and pays you guys back in spades.

Anonymous said...

I am not sadistic! D:

leper messiah said...

Eh... what's a friend leaving the country to pursue his dream in comic drawing in LA situation without a post like that?

Hell, I think I've written the same post 7 times to different people, just changing the name.



The Badowers said...

BRETT did you just shun me? How dare you! Mean Batman! The boy, er girl wonder is not impressed!

You're welcome, Jas. We really wish nothing but the best for you. I'm really terribly sorry about your HDD. Hope the Londonites can at least retrieve some data for you

Thank you. Unfortunately karma hasn't been too nice to us at all in the past, but who knowns maybe things will start looking up again soon.


leper messiah said...

Shun you???? Oh god no! I was doing what I do best... taking the piss out of Jase. Everyone here praises him way too much, it's my job to bring him back to reality ;)

Besides... maybe it's the other way round. I even wrote you a nice sms after your last post... to no response. Although come to think of it, maybe Jase gave me the wrong number.....



The Badowers said...

Hahaha, well that's true! Don't want him to get too full of himself now.

Aw, really? That's nice. I didn't recieve an sms from you at all. If I had've I most definitely would've replied. Well, I guess Mr. Badower has once again done the old misleading thing. Bad boy!

Hm, I wonder who actually got that message?


The Badowers said...

Btw have you gotten into Umbrella-ella-ella, eh-eh-eh yet?