Friday, January 04, 2008

PSI: Page 1

As is kind obvious, it's about drugs and love. I'm not really into drugs. My stance is that I've yet to meet the drug that's worth the time it takes me to recover from it. I just don't have a day or days to waste feeling like crap. I have stuff to do. So I stick to alcohol.

So the trick was to give it a contemporary feel rather than your 60s summer of love sorta feel. It's chock full of in-jokes. All the dvds are labeled with my favourite movies. There's also a Calvin (from Hobbs) that I used to put into all my comics at the time. The video player reads, "STOP 3:16" as a reference to my love (at the time) of all things pro wrestling. In this case, Stone Cold Steve Austion, the second greatest performer in the squared circle (after the Rock, of course).

The script is just the dialogue/captions you see. There were no panel descriptions, nor panel breakdowns. It was basically just a page of dialogue. It was up to me to break down this story into images that I thought were appropriate. JAn still goes me for putting the open condom packet on the ground in the last panel. I still maintain that they might have opened it then not used it. Hell, they're on drugs! Like this guy remembers everything clearly! Remember kids, don't do drugs or you're going to forget the great sex you had.

If you're old enough to have sex that is.

GOING AWAY PARTY: Here's the details! Hope to see you there.

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Ororo_Munroe said...

lmao I like the open condom package. A nice reminder.

The Badowers said...

That's awesome that you love pro wrestling! I'm a huge fan myself.

Lmao, your favourite wrestler is The Rock? That's so funny, cause Jacinta, Aurora and I call you The Rock, cause we think you look so much like him!

- Siobhan