Saturday, January 05, 2008

PSI: Page 2

My 250th post!

C'mon, that's a pretty decent effort. Thanks to everyone for all your support. Checking in every day to see that people are dropping by and saying, "Hi" means so much to me.

I'm also blown away that I've managed near 250 pieces of artwork too. That's a fair amount of production. And that doesn't include the last 60-odd pages of my graphic novel I'm working on either.

Page 2. I apologise for not drawing the gods in the order they were stated. I just had this composition in mind. On our left side, Eris (goddess of Chaos) is top left, Athena is to her right, below them Aphrodite looks up to the left, and Hel has the covered face. Erzulie is down the bottom. On the right, that's Eve up the top, Bast underneath (harder than you think to make a cat look effeminate and noble), Isis in the head dress and finally Lilith down the bottom.

All the goddess' are water coloured. Yes, you heard it right! I actually painted something without a computer. In fact this page is entirely hand drawn.

The Girl's tattoo comes from a design I came up with ages ago when I was reading Grant Morrison's Invisibles. Her tattoo is a chaos magick sigil. As I understand it, on some subconscious level you're powering some benevolent subconscious intention of mine.

It's all a bit complicated and I don't want to bore you with the details. Unless you really want me to.

GOING AWAY PARTY: Come one! Come all!

COMMISSIONS & SKETCHBOOKS: I will be posting a heap of new ones starting next week.


Digital Deviant Studios said...

your works looking pretty killer man! hope they keep u on heroes for next season!

Ron said...

......we want you to =)
( I like the hand drawn stuff..'old school' as 'they' say :)

The Badowers said...

Hi Jas!

Congratulations on your 250th post!

"I'm also blown away that I've managed near 250 pieces of artwork too." Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations once again, that's just... wow!

Beautiful work on the Gods, they came up really well. I can't believe you hand painted them. That must've taken you ages. Bast looks amazing, by the way.