Thursday, January 03, 2008

PSI: Cover

I fired up the time machine and found a mini comic that writer JAn and I worked on back in 2000. Our goal was two-fold: to create comics that non-comic book readers could read, and to come up with a clever idea that would get people to take comics seriously.

PSI is my only foray into the world of mini-comics. And boy is it mini! It's a tiny A6 comic that could be slipped into your back pocket (A6 is when you get an A4 piece of paper, halve it to A5 then half it again to A6).

The title PSI came from the word/symbol/letter's versatility. I had to hit Wikipedia to remind me of all its applications to the themes we wanted to deal with:

1. A sub atomic particle: To us Psi would be an exploration of how things work.

2. The designation between a tangent and the x-axis: A measure of growth or decline over time.

3. It also stands for psychology, dealing with people's reactions to all these issues.

All the titles would be mis-spelled to include the word "PSI".

Unless I have to move out of my damn house, I'm going to try and post a page every day (8 pages in total including covers, inside and back covers).

GOING AWAY PARTY: Again, love to see everyone there!

COMMISSIONS: Still taking them! There's a bunch more like Batman incoming. I'm just waiting on my printer to get back from holidays. Email me for a price list.

SKETCHBOOKS: Still mailing these off every week. The pile is dwindling. If you want one, lemme know asap as I'd really like to not have to schlep any overseas.

Hope you all had a great new years! Mine was spent playing an unnecessary wing man for my best mate, Simbo at a party of total strangers. I had a great time and met some fantastic people.


Lilithia {Stef} said...

I'm bringing some of my friends. :) They've heard a lot about you!! :D

jasonb said...

i'm looking forward to meeting them!