Friday, January 18, 2008

PSI: Page 5

Ah! the page without the punchline! JAn and I printed up an A4 page of tiny multi-coloured squares in the shape of acid tabs with the word, "YOURS" written on them. The tab was then glued to the tongue.

What I really dug was the number of people who read it and thought that we were handing out drugs or something! I'm thinking, "dude, if I could afford to hand out free acid tabs, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Anyway, it achieved its goal. To get people to take comics so seriously that they were forced to question the reality of what they see. I had other people take the tab and later tell me it was the best trip they ever had. The power of suggestion, anyone?


Around midnight last night I suddenly bounced awake as my body thought it was 11am (my favourite time to get up!). I forced myself to sleep dreaming of warm weather and my fading tan.

Today my sister and I ventured off around London and saw some beautiful, amazing stuff. The thing that amazes me is the sense of history. Australia doesn't have anything over 200 years old. America is what, 400 years? You come to London and things go back centuries into millenia. It's incredible.
So this is what the traffic lights look like in London. It takes a while to get used to, but it's really quite straight forward once you get the hang of it.

Tower Bridge is beautiful. It's surrounded by these magnificent, grimy wharves and industrial islands in the middle of the Thames. What I love about London are all the pointless beautiful decorations on everything. Chains (kids dig chains), sculptures, reliefs, plaques, eaves, flaps and planks. All outdated and all oozing character.
I've seen some weird stuff, but this Starbucks really made me turn my head. Nestled looking over the St. Catherine's docks it looks like a mating disaster between a Roman temple and a gazebo.

I still wouldn't buy coffee there if you paid me.
Being a fighter, this is where I went to level up. They had a great deal on this awesome broadsword which they swore to me Aragorn used when he was my level.

St. Paul's cathedral was the most spectacular building I've ever been in. In fact, to call it a building almost doesn't do it justice. It's a monument to history, faith and art. One of the things that really took me aback was the honouring of the great national heroes, Nelson and Churchill. These great men rose up to combat great adversaries: Napoleon and Hitler and were revered by the country for doing so. we don't have great heroes anymore, even though we're surrounded by adversaries.

So I dragged my poor sister up the 434 steps to the top of the Stone Gallery of St. Pauls. See the spire in the last photo? Well this was taken on the balcony up there. It's really high. This is my favourite photo that I took up there. It's totally untouched by Potatoshop and I'm really proud of it.

This is my lovely, beautiful and amazing sister and I on top of St. Paul's. This is our favourite shot, except you can't see exactly how good my hair was today. =)

More shopping, an average coffee (Costas don't know how to do soy), more shopping and now, a beautiful dinner cooked by my sister (tuna steaks on roasted vegetable salad - I should really take a photo).


peter said...

if you get the chance jas, you gotta hit the imperial war museum. they got so much cool stuff there, especially their great war trench recreation, right down to the smell of urine and dead jerries!

I'm not kidding.

take care mate


Anonymous said...

Potato shop LOL. The pictures are lovely! Thanks for posting them up! It's so nice to see London! Your sister is ADORABLE she looks like 18 man!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, is that a traffic light tree...?

The Badowers said...

Some people are so gullible.

Beautiful pictures! Glad you're having fun. Are you gonna go on the London Eye? That looks awesome! Plus, it would be a really cool way to see the city, as well as get some pretty awesome pictures!

Hahaha! That hair thing's funny. You're a tad metro, aren't you Jas?


Ororo_Munroe said...

"we don't have great heroes anymore, even though we're surrounded by adversaries." We may not have "great heroes", but we do have every day heroes. There are normal people that step up and do the right thing. People that help where they can just because they can. Ya pessimist!

I love London through your eyes. It makes me a bit less jealous. Only a bit. ;)

Your sister is gorgeous!