Monday, January 21, 2008


So this piece is for Lyn's partner (and longtime friend), Chris. Another character for their superhero roleplaying game. This character is a product of the Weapon X program (that created Wolverine and Sabertooth) but is more of a teenage slacker.
I just read Chris' brief and just knew what I had to draw. We were so on the same page, we could have said vows. I made the tiniest adjustments from his suggestions after I sent through the first version and Wulf was good to go! This piece was fun and fast. My favourite sort!
Both this and Gaia I actually coloured in the linework to creat a more toony feel to the piece. The characters seemed so much larger than life I wanted to make them seem more "comic booky". It visually smooths the pieces out and I really like the effect.

LONDON: Day 5 (Saturday) Public Transport Nightmare

Thanks to missed messages and jetlag, JAn and I missed each other Friday. But Saturday it was "go time". This was my first time around London without Linda. I was... apprehensive. She wrote me these fantastic little instructions in what JAn called "smart asian girl writing". And sure enough, the Underground line she told me to get on was down. I improvised and hopped the DLR (an above ground railway) which only added 15min to my trip.
JAn met me at Camden Town station and was looking great. He has lost heaps of weight. It was great, I was the last Aussie JAn saw in LA, and now I was the first he saw again in London. It was great. Even though it had been 6 months since we'd seen each other we just hit the ground running again like it had been a week since we'd caught up.
He told me we were headed to a goth/rockabilly pub and that as long as we were discreet we could bring our own alcohol. Given the Australian peso struggles against the English uber-pound, this sounded like a great idea. It also felt really 19 years old again. Hey, gotta do anything to feel young!
After a quick trip to the supermarket for bourbon and vodka we started drinking at JAn's house where I met his lovely girlfriend, Caz. JAn has had the hugest crush on her for the longest time, so I'm so glad they finally got together. We drank and chatted before smses started flooding in. Packing our alcohol we headed off to the pub.
The goth/rockabilly pub was called Big Red where I met a bucket of new people: Wendy & Peter, Elly, Umba & Ane (pro. Arn-aye), Joy and Peter. The drinking continued and I had a great time meeting everyone while spiking my cranberry juice under the table.
We then headed back to Umba's place (short for Umberto). We had a great time playing Guitar Hero 3 and Scene It. The manic Italian, Umba was a great host. I think I left around 430am (maybe slightly later) to begin my 3 hour wrestle with public transport to get home.
Luckily Umba's place was on the bus line my sister told me to catch to get to Trafalgar square (which I'm sure is really nice when you're not hallucinating cos you're so tired). I waited 20 minutes before realising that the night bus my sister told me to catch home had finished for the night. I then spent the next hour at Trafalgar square hassling people and bus drivers, jumping on buses, walking back and catching other ones before I found two meandering vaguely connecting buses that supposedly headed in the right direction.
My poor sister woke at 630am to find my bed empty. She thought I'd been kidnapped and so she called me to find me just as I was boarding the first bus. I eventually stumbled in the door at 730am as Linda was eating her cereal. She was bemusedly worried.
I was exhausted and I was supposed to meet my friend Xander for lunch at 1pm. I sent him a Facebook message and hit every one of his emails asking him if we could cancel lunch. Thankfully he was understanding about my public transport nightmare and we rescheduled.

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